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30440892388_2bb111fa5f_kJanneke Vorsteveld (centre) and the youth who took part in her Seeds Rooted in Youth summer program in August 2018 took to the shade in Clan Gregor Square. Vorsteveld is holding a fundraiser on March 26 to purchase items to enhance her outdoor programming. (Photo by Melody Falconer-Pounder)  

March 26 is Fantastic Fungi Day and to celebrate 500 theatres in 30 countries will be showcasing the film, “Fantastic Fungi”. Due to the efforts of Seeds Rooted in Youth (Seeds), The Livery in Goderich will be one of those locations.

The viewing of the film will also be a fundraiser for Seeds through which Ontario Certified Teacher Janneke Vorsteveld offers week long summer programs in the outdoors. Vorsteveld is expanding to provide a variety of day programs to individual families in the Municipality of Bluewater and surrounding area.

“These programs will foster a deeper sense of self in its participants, while helping cultivate a balanced emotional relationship with the natural world,” explained Vorsteveld, on the event website.

The profits from this evening will help the expansion of Seeds with the purchase of items such as: a four-season portable canvas tent and stove and a set of portable lap desks.

According to the film synopsis, Fantastic Fungi explores “the magical world of fungi and their power to heal, sustain and contribute to the regeneration of life on Earth.” Following the screening, attendees can take part in a very special, virtual Question and Answer Session with the film’s Director Louie Schwartzberg and Paul Stamets, a world-renowned mycologist. Prior to the viewing, two guest speakers, Runs with Deer (Nat Tarnawski) and The Fungi Forage (Steph Allen), will be live and in person to share their knowledge of the natural world as it exists in Huron County.

Rounding out the event will be a Silent Auction featuring local entrepreneurs and youth.

The doors will open at 6 p.m. with guest speakers at 6:30 p.m. and the film screening at 7 p.m.

Refreshments will be provided by River Road Brewing and Hops, Cornerfield Wine Co., The Pink Flamingo Bakery and Boutique, and Westcoast Bakes and Cakes.

Tickets are $20 and are available in Bayfield at Shopbike Coffee Roasters or by visiting:

Bayfield Design empowers online learning experience 


Bayfield Design is the latest company to blossom from the innovators behind the Bayfield based Virtual High School (VHS).

“Virtual High School divided in late 2019 to create Bayfield Design,” said Jackie Van Wyk, Marketing specialist with Bayfield Design.

“While VHS continues to focus on academics and serving individual students at the secondary school level, Bayfield Design is focusing on online learning development for other educational institutions and organizations, including the online course development for VHS and Virtual Elementary School,” Van Wyk added.

She went on to explain that Bayfield Design is in the same Main Street building as VHS, with most of the VHS team working upstairs and most of the Bayfield Design team working on the main floor.

Stephen Baker, the owner and principal of VHS, saw the need for online course development in the business-to-institution realm, so he decided to start a company to do exactly that. Bayfield Design’s vision is to empower every organization to deliver meaningful online learning experiences.

“We are excited about spinning out Bayfield Design from Virtual High School. We have been developing courses for other businesses, institutions, and ourselves for many years now, so there was a natural split in the skill set at Virtual High School. While VHS continues to focus on its students at the secondary level, Bayfield Design will focus on online learning services for education and corporate organizations, which would include the design and development of online learning experiences as well as the creation of multimedia assets. We’ve always been passionate about making learning accessible and exemplary to our elementary and secondary students, so we look forward to working with other educational institutions and companies to help develop their online educational offerings as well,” said Baker.

In 2018, the staff of Bayfield Design completed a significant content development project with the largest online school in the United States. Forty-eight fully online courses were created for Kindergarten to Grade 5 across eight subject areas.

Currently, Bayfield Design is working with several clients in the education and training field, including Eastern College of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Eastern College was looking to convert their in-class programs to an online format. Bayfield Design welcomes new opportunities to work with schools and businesses locally or globally.

Visit to check out what Bayfield Design is all about. To stay up to date on announcements and get an inside look at some of their projects, follow Bayfield Design on LinkedIn and Facebook. For further details, please contact or call 1-866-987-1947.


Bluewater Council approved the 2020 budget at its meeting held on March 2.

The Municipality of Bluewater collects taxes for Huron County, as well as the Province of Ontario to fund public education. Approximately 43 per cent of the property tax bill relates to services provided by the County. An additional 15 per cent goes to the Province to fund education. The remaining 42 per cent is kept by the Municipality to provide local services and infrastructure investment to residents in Bluewater. Council approved 2020 operating expenditures at $14,676,884.37 to deliver municipal services, and a capital budget of $8,347,879.01 million for total expenditures at $23,024,763.38.

The approved levy increase is 6.56 per cent which translates to a 2.89 per cent tax increase on the average residential assessment. This means that the average residence in the municipality will see a slight increase of $86.74 on their property tax.

Some of the budget pressures this year are:
• Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund decline ($17,100)
• Policing Costs Increase ($46,498)
• Conservation Costs ($ 1,302)
• Hydro Costs ($36,428)
• Insurance increase (min) ($17,292)
• Water Rate increases ($511)

The remaining tax revenue of $383,755.25 is required to fund ongoing operations and help fund requirements for Asset Management.

A few of the projects to be completed this year include replacement of streetlights with more efficient LED fixtures across the Municipality.

Council approved the engineering for the Bayfield Main Street Revitalization. This marks the first important step forward towards the long-awaited realization of the main street plan.

The Bayfield Fire Station will be taking delivery of a new rescue vehicle while the Zurich Fire Station will purchase updated auto extrication equipment.

A section of Oxford Street in Hensall will be reconstructed including the watermain replacement.

Council reviewed and approved the expenditures of Provincial funding towards the goal of finding service efficiencies and modernizing operations.

Further information is available on the municipal website:

President of historical society a defender at bayfield reads 



The Village Bookshop presents Bayfield Reads 2020 on Sunday, March 15. Join the new owners of the Bookshop for this year’s edition of Bayfield Reads, a chance for local personalities to defend this year’s Canada Reads finalists.

Over the past few weeks, The Village Bookshop has profiled four Bayfield Reads defenders: Jayne Dietrich, Greg Stewart, Kathy Wilson, and Don Keillor. This week, they are profiling their fifth and final defender, Ruth Gibson.

Although Gibson grew up on a farm, “barefoot running on top of rail fences to round up the cows in the swamp,” she has lived all over Ontario, working with British Airways and later as a realtor. She, and her husband, Tom, retired to the village, where she serves as the President of the Bayfield Historical Society. Her favorite authors include, Anthony Doerr, Orhan Pamuk and Khaled Hosseini.

BR-Small Game Hunting

Gibson will be defending Megan Gail Coles’ novel, “Small Game Hunting at the Local Coward Gun Club”, about a peculiar cast of characters inside a restaurant in St. John’s, Newfoundland during a winter storm.

“By turns biting, funny, poetic, and heartbreaking, Coles' debut novel rips into the inner lives of a wicked cast of characters, building towards a climax that will shred perceptions and force a reckoning. This is blistering Newfoundland Gothic for the twenty-first century, a wholly original, bracing, and timely portrait of a place in the throes of enormous change, where two women confront the traumas of their past in an attempt to overcome the present and to pick up a future.” (Indigo)

Bayfield Reads will be held at the Bayfield Town Hall starting at 2 p.m. Admission is $5 at the door.

The Village Bookshop is currently closed and will reopen on Thursday, March 19 at 10 a.m.

tax clinics at library sponsored by Bayfield Area Food Bank 

Tax time is here again! The Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP) will be offered every other week in March and April at the Bayfield Public Library.

The CVITP informational sessions will be held on March 24 from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and Apr. 7 and Apr. 21 from 1:30 p.m. to 3 p.m. These clinics are sponsored by the Bayfield Area Food Bank.

Those who attend can get "free" help with their taxes from a Canada Revenue Agency approved and registered program.

People may be eligible if they have a modest income and a simple tax situation. In general, a tax situation is simple if people have no income or if their income comes from: employment, pension, benefits such as Canada Pension Plan, disability, employment insurance, social assistance, registered retirement savings plans (RRSP's), support payments, scholarships, fellowships, bursaries or grants or interest under $1,000.

Family income levels suggested are: one person, $35,000; two persons, $45,000; plus $2,500 for each additional person.

A tax situation is not simple if people are: self-employed or have employment expenses; have business or rental income and expenses; have capital gains or losses; filed for bankruptcy; or are completing a tax return for a deceased person.

Please bring the following to the tax clinic: personal photo ID, 2018 Income Tax Return, 2018 Tax Notice of Assessment, 2019 Income Receipts - T4, T4A, T4A(OAS), T4A(P), T5007 etc., 2019 Rent Receipts or Statement from Landlord, 2019 Final Municipal Land Tax Statement, 2019 Medical Receipts and Statements, 2019 Charitable Donations Receipts.


 councilor's corner

Due to inclement weather the Councilor's Corner scheduled for Feb. 27 has been rescheduled to March 12.  

The topics for this month will include, budget, sewage capacity, Secondary Plan and bylaw updates.

Bayfield Ward Councilor Bill Whetstone welcomes all area citizens to join in these monthly sessions starting at 7 p.m.

Bluewater News 

The office of the Municipality of Bluewater Council has submitted the following to the Bayfield Breeze as highlights of their regular meeting of council held on March 2.

• Adopted the 2020 Budget.
• Recognized Tom Dickins retirement from the Facilities Department.
• Received a presentation from Inspector Rob Scott and Staff Sergeant David Sinko and reviewed the OPP 2019 Year-end Report.
• Appointed 14 members to the Bayfield Secondary Plan Citizen Advisory Committee.
• Amended the Fees and Charges By-law, including the addition of updated Facility Rental Fees.
• Authorized the Mayor and Clerk to enter into a Transfer Payment Agreement with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs to receive up to $100,000 funding for the Municipal Modernization Fund for the cost of an independent reviewer to conduct a review of administrative processes to reduce costs.


Dave Pullen will be speaking on the topic, “Forest Conservation History in Huron County; Evolving to protect our health, wellness and economy” at the next meeting of the Bayfield Historical Society, March 30.

Pullen was born and raised in Huron County and has a thirty-year combined background in agriculture and forestry across Southwestern Ontario. A graduate of the Ontario Agricultural College at the University of Guelph, he is a member of the Ontario Professional Foresters Association and the Ontario Institute of Agrologists. Pullen “returned to his roots” in 2011 becoming the county forester in Huron where his role includes forest conservation and management along with outreach and extension services.

The meeting will begin at 7:30 p.m. at the Bayfield Lions’ Community Building. All are welcome to attend.

secretary and treasurer needed  

The Board of the Bayfield Historical Society (BHS) requires two positions to be filled, those of Secretary and Treasurer. The Board of Directors consists of volunteers from the community who are interested in promoting and preserving the heritage of the village and area.

The Secretary is responsible for recording the minutes for the Board Meetings, the General (aka Speakers) Meetings and any special meetings that may be necessary. Board Meetings are held once a month, and General Meetings are also held once a month except for July, August and December. The Secretary also prepares a summary report of the General meetings for the annual newsletter distributed at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The Treasurer is responsible for the safe keeping of the funds of the BHS and to maintain adequate financial records. The Treasurer also prepares the accounts for audit and renders an annual report based on the calendar year; which will be given at the AGM.

Anyone interested in either of these positions is asked to please contact President Ruth Gibson at 905 518 4646, or any of the Directors.


The Bayfield Travel Club provides a place where local residents can meet other people that have the same passion for travel, share their own travel experiences, learn about new exciting destinations and to just have some fun.

They have scheduled their meetings for the next few months. These meetings will be held on March 14, Apr. 18 and May 2.

The club meets in the Community Room at the Bayfield Public Library for one hour starting at 1 p.m.



"Come taste the wine.
Come hear the band.
Come blow your horn.
Start celebrating.
Right this way your table´s waiting."

“What good is sitting, alone in your room?
come hear the music play!
Life is a cabaret, old chum!
Come to the cabaret!”

After a one-year hiatus, the Bayfield Town Hall Heritage Society is thrilled to announce the return of their cherished fundraiser, “CABARET”.

The two performances scheduled for March 13 and 14 are now sold out. As the response to attend has been so terrific, the dress rehearsal set for Thursday, March 12 will be open to the pubic for a donation. The doors will open at 6:30 p.m. with the run through to start at 7 p.m. Please note there will not be an intermission.

And there is more...on Friday, March 13, the performance will be streamed live on Facebook at Bayfield Ontario. 

The society extends many thanks to returning cast members Natalie Tarnawski and Leanne Kavanagh along with newcomers Camille Oates and Big Mac are stepping in as this year’s stellar artistic directing team. They promise that attendees will see many familiar faces on stage for this upcoming production.

Life at the Rink

The Bayfield Relics will take on SF at the Bayfield Arena tonight (March 11).

The puck will drop at 8:30 p.m.  

Then, Bayfield 50+ will take on Goderich 2 50+ on Thursday, March 12 at 8 p.m.

The Bayfield Relics are an Oldtimers Hockey Team that was founded in 1987. Their home ice is the Bayfield Arena. The Relics play their season schedule versus teams from Huron and Middlesex Counties.

March Hike 

The Bayfield River Valley Trail Association (BRVTA) will host one more guided hike in March.

A Spring Hike along the Mavis Trail will be held on March 21 at 11 a.m. The BRVTA invites people to get out of the house because Spring is here! The Mavis Trail is named after the late community activist, Mavis Govier and offers a walk to the Bayfield River and back. Its terrain varies greatly at each turn. This is a four seasons trail with such a wide variety of landscapes that it will delight visitors at all times of the year. As hikers make their way to the scenic lookout at the river, they will pass through groves of pine trees and a steep ravine with a wonderful bridge.

Participants are invited to meet/park at the Stanley Complex in Varna, 5 KM east of Bayfield on the Mill Road. A map can be found at
The hike will be approximately 1.5 hours over a distance of 2.5 KMs. The trail difficulty is listed as an easy, well-defined trail with some gentle inclines. It has a natural trail surface with some bridges and boardwalks. Those who take part are encouraged to dress for the weather, wear sturdy shoes and bring water.

The hike leader will be Dave MacLaren, 519 565-5480.

friends of the bayfield Library 

Friends of Bayfield Library’s “Saturdays at the Library” speaker program continues on March 28 when Pauline Hoffman will speak on the topic of putting order into closet and basement storage chaos.

This event will be held in the Bayfield Public Library Community Room starting at 10:30 a.m.

A Certified Professional Organizer (CPO), Hoffman is an experienced speaker and founder of Just In Time Solutions. All are welcome to attend this session. Refreshments will be served. Participants are asked to bring their own coffee mug.

At the final “Saturdays at the Library” speaker program on Saturday, Apr. 18, attendees will hear all about local area food bank initiatives presented by Mary Ellen Zielman, Executive director of the Huron County Food Bank Distribution Centre, and Terry Boa-Youmatoff, president of the Bayfield Area Food Bank."




   Ripple effect exhibit focuses on health of waterways 


This March Break visit the opening of the Huron County Museum’s newest exhibit: Ripple Effect.

This creative new exhibit is packed with fun facts and activities that focus on the history and health of Huron’s Lakes and Waterways. Visitor’s of all ages are invited to learn through play with giant board games, hands on crafts and activities, and a selfie station featuring the Museum’s famous Two-Headed Calf.

The waterways throughout Huron County have been an attraction for generations. Whether for sustenance, settlement, business or recreation, the beauty and vibrancy of our waterways have many stories to tell. What was done before affects us today and what we do tomorrow will continue to affect the health and future of area waterways - a continuous ripple effect!

Ripple Effect has been designed specifically with the needs of youth and families in mind. Traditional Museum offerings are paired with interactive and hands on activities designed to engage younger visitors and provide opportunities for multi-generational play and learning.
Director of Cultural Services, Beth Rumble said, “Youth engagement and environmental sustainability are two of the Museum’s strategic priorities - Ripple Effect beautifully intertwines these ideas in a way that is both engaging and informative.”

Huron County Warden, Jim Ginn said,“It is important that we engage with our youngest residents, to make meaningful connections, and foster positive local experiences. Connected and engaged youth are far more likely to remain in or return to their communities. Engaging youth through initiatives like the Ripple Effect exhibit is one of many ways we are working to ensure that Huron’s youth feel valued and included.”

The development of this exhibit has included consultation with local conservation authorities and stewardship councils and also includes content created by students involved in Central Huron Secondary School’s environmental action group, “Clean Clinton”.

A new school program that ties to the exhibit will be available to teachers and students until February 2021. Students will enjoy exploring themes of environmental responsibility that connect to the school curriculum. The Ripple Effect program can be combined with any other Museum or Gaol Program to create a full day learning experience.

Pre-booked Group tours and education programs available. See the Huron County Museum website for more information and rates:

The Museum has special hours for March Break week: Saturdays, 1-4 p.m.; Sundays, closed; Monday to Wednesday and Friday, 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; Thursday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Ripple Effect will be open from March 14 to February 2021 and is included with regular admission or free for Museum Members and Huron County Library card holders.

Active Living and Wellness Fair focus to educate and inform

The MacKay Centre for Seniors in partnership with the Older Adults Centre’s Association of Ontario and the Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility present an Active Living and Wellness Fair at Lakeshore United Church in Goderich on March 25.

Information sessions will be held on such topics as Medical Cannabis, Canada Revenue Agency Benefits, Credits and Filing Income Tax; Diet and Diabetes education; Elder Abuse; and a demonstration by the Canada National Ballet School, sharing dance seniors’ classes.

In addition, demonstrations of regular programs offered at the nearby MacKay Centre such as, Art Club, Line Dancing and Tai Chi will be happening at the Centre located at 10 Nelson Street. The Childrens’ Theatre Group will also be rehearsing there.

The public are encouraged to visit both locations.

At the church, located at 56 North Street, visitors will find 20 information tables, refreshments, door prizes and grab bags from 2-7 p.m. Admission is free. For more information and to view times for sessions and demonstrations visit and click on the “Newsletter” button.


Huron County is seeking public input. Local municipalities and police services boards are working on a plan to ensure community safety and well-being.

The Province has made legislative changes to the Police Services Act requiring communities develop and adopt Community Safety and Well Being Plans by Jan. 1, 2021.

The legislation was introduced in recognition of the changing nature of society and the evolution of policing services in providing a safe environment. The focus is on integrating the partnerships of the police within the community and between the community partners themselves.

Municipalities are mandated to work with police services and local service providers in health care, social services and education to develop a Community Safety and Well Being Plan that proactively addresses locally identified community risks.

“Huron County has some well-developed relationships between the existing service providers and is working to build on those relationships,” said Florence Witherspoon, member of the Working Group established to set up the Plan. “In creating the Plan, we will better be able to serve those who utilize these services, reduce duplication and ensure those who need the services have access to them in an efficient manner.”

The focus of the Community Safety and Well Being Plan will be to engage the community in taking direct action to make Huron County a safer and healthier community. In addition to connecting with the different service providers, community engagement is required to compliment the risk factors identified.

To do this the Working Group is asking residents of Huron County to participate in an online survey. The survey will help to identify key concerns that members of the community have about safety, health and well-being.

Residents of Huron County are asked to participate in this online Community Safety and Well-Being Survey by visiting the following link:

A paper copy of the survey can also be made available at local Municipal Offices.

Bluewater Area Family Health Team to host application day 

The Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program (OSDCP) is a publicly-funded dental care program to help eligible low-income seniors access dental care. The OSDCP provides free, routine dental services to seniors aged 65 years and over who meet the required income conditions and do not have access to any other form of dental benefits.

To help eligible seniors enroll in the OSDCP, Huron Perth Public Health (HPPH) will be holding drop-in application days throughout Huron and Perth. One session remains in Huron County at the Bluewater Area Family Health Team in Zurich on Apr. 16, 1:30-3:30 p.m.

Printed application forms are also available at HPPH.

To qualify for the program, seniors must be 65 years of age or older, Ontario residents, and have no existing dental benefits. Single applicants must have an annual income of $19,300 or less, while a couple must have a combined income of $32,300 or less.

People must have their Social Insurance Number (SIN) to apply and must have filed their taxes for the previous year. Anyone who plans to attend an application clinic, is asked to please bring their Ontario Health Card and SIN, and if applicable, their spouse’s SIN. Please note that if a couple qualifies, they must both fill out a separate application.

If an application is approved, a welcome package and dental card will be mailed to the successful applicant within two to three weeks. The dental card must be presented at the time of an appointment to a dental office that offers the OSDCP. Contact HPPH to learn which dental offices currently offer the program.

Dental services covered under the program include preventive care and treatment services, such as fillings and extractions, check-ups, X-rays and cleanings. The program will partially cover dental prosthetics and dentures. For a full list of coverage, please visit

Eligible seniors can also apply to the OSDCP directly online at, or print a hard-copy form to be mailed.

If a senior does not have a SIN or has not filed their taxes in the previous year, they can apply with a guarantor using the Guarantor Form.

For more information, visit or call 1-888-221-2133.  


wine tasting gala   

The Municipality of Central Huron is hosting a Wine Tasting Gala on Thursday, March 12 in the
Clinton Town Hall auditorium.

Those who attend will be able to sample wines from established Second Streetlight Winery, Maelstrom Winery and take part in the launch of the Bayfield Berry Farm Winery.

There will be food pairing samples provided by the Central Huron Secondary School (CHSS) Hospitality Catering.

Musicians from CHSS and St. Anne's Catholic Secondary School will be live on stage and their will also be a local Trivia Challenge at intermission.

Proceeds from the evening, that will begin at 7 p.m., will go to support the Huron Hospice.

Tickets are now available for $25 per person at the Clinton Town Hall, 23 Albert Street, Clinton, ON or visit Eventbrite at

For more information please contact Angela Smith by phone at 519 476-5922 or via email,

The Great Disconnect


The Municipality of South Huron and Huron Perth Public Health will be presenting the documentary, “The Great Disconnect” at the South Huron Recreation Centre in Exeter on March 16.

The documentary explores how people are living in an age of loneliness. Despite advances in technology, living conditions, education and healthcare people are feeling more alone than ever. Social isolation can impact every aspect of a person’s health and well-being. In the film, wellness expert Tamer Soliman discovers the reasons behind this loneliness epidemic and asks the question: Is it possible to overcome this modern-day culture of disconnectedness and rediscover how essential people are to one another?

This evening of film and conversation will begin at 6 p.m. Free refreshments will be served and everyone is welcome to attend.

The Centre is located at 94 Victoria Street in Exeter.

Horticulture Society - clinton 

“Garden Topics” will be the subject of the next meeting of the Clinton Horticulture Society on Wednesday, March 18 at the OMAFRA Office in Clinton.

Vicky Culbert, of Goderich, will be the guest speaker at the meeting that will begin at 7:30 p.m. All are welcome to attend.

swing into spring 

73395375_927667547616637_5999815827837157376_oFox the Hound (Submitted photo)  

South Huron Community Choirs will present, "Swing into Spring" Turkey Dinner and Silent Auction on March 29 at the Zurich Mennonite Church.

The evening will feature “Fox the Hound” and “South Huron Community Choirs".

The doors will open at 5 p.m. followed by a welcome at 5:30 p.m. The church is located at 37818 Zurich-Hensall Road in Zurich.

Advance tickets only are available for $30 per person. They can be purchased at Pinedale Motor Inn, Grand Bend; Exeter United Church,
Exeter Animal Hospital, Exeter Welcome Centre, from Choir members or by calling Ruth at 519 235-1778.

For more information visit:

School On Wheels

On March 25, interested retired teachers or individuals, who might consider volunteering at the CNR School on Wheels Museum, are asked to meet at the Bayfield Public Library.

Starting at 3:30 p.m. interested people can learn more about Public Education on CNR School Cars and the interesting Sloman School Car that can be found in Clinton. A variety of skill sets are needed and a minimum of one to six days commitment from May to September 2020.

livery film fest 

On Thursdays during the winter and spring of 2020, the Livery Film Fest committee brings new, intriguing and delightful films from the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) Film Circuit to Goderich.

"Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love" will be the final film of the series. It will be shown on Apr. 9. 

The film will be screened at 7 p.m. at the Park Theatre in Goderich. Please check the website before you come, as dates may be subject to change (

Thursday tunes 

“Thursday Tunes and Dancing” is back at the Libro Hall (arena upstairs) in Clinton from now until May 21.

Libro Hall is located at 239 Fleming Drive and the program runs from 1-3:30 p.m. All musicians, dancers and spectators are welcome. Admission is by donation.

For more information contact Angela Smith at 519 476-5922.







Volume 11

There are countless photographs of people in the Bayfield Historical Society’s Archives collection, but sadly their names were never recorded. In this section we will showcase an image with the hopes that one of our subscribers might be able to identify the individual(s) in the photo. Please email your information to the Editor’s attention at the address listed near the bottom of the page in “Submissions” or you can email the archivist directly at or click on the image and make a comment on Flickr.

Editor's Note: We are now adding the archive's code to the information supplied with the photographs so that if anyone would like to learn more from the Bayfield Archives about certain pictures they can use the code to make the process easier.

This week, we explore the Editor's own collection of newspaper clippings relevant to Bayfield history with this image taken in December of 2004. Two members of the Bayfield Optimist Club Paul Mulligan and President Dick Walker (right)  are shown with Bluewater Mayor Bill Dowson (left) drawing the name of the winner of the club's Holiday Raffle. The prize was a two-minute shopping spree at Bayfield Foodland. The winner of the draw was Elaine Sturgeon. 


Make your on any image and it will take you to Flickr.


 ISSUE 555

PB12 5a  Mrs MacPherson undated 

In Issue 555, we highlight an undated image of Mrs. MacPherson from the Lucy Woods-Diehl collection. Does anyone remember her? (Archives Code: PB12 5a)  

ISSUE 556 

PB10052 PC Dan McGinnis and Miss Cox Leaihu c1930 

In Issue 556, another image from the Lucy Woods-Diehl collection. Notes with this photograph indicate that this is Dan McGinnis and Miss Cox Leaihu circa 1930. Does anyone remember them? (Archives Code: PB10052 PC)



Bookmark and Share  PHOTO STORY

Trinity st. james Anglican Church            

renegades diner featured restaurant at next movie 

IMG_0600Rev. Mary Farmer offered a variety of bread choices to attendees.  

IMG_0594Piping hot Minestrone was one of six selections at Soup and a Movie on March 10.  

IMG_0598Volunteer John Pounder served soup to attended Greg Stewart. There were six soups to choose from and guests could sample more than one selection.  

IMG_0595Homemade Soda Bread was a big hit at the meal amid a myriad of bread and bun selections.  

IMG_0596Someone has to do the dishes and Joy Yates answered the call with a smile.  




“Soup and a Movie at Trinity St. James” continues on Tuesdays during the Lenten season!

The congregation of Trinity St. James Anglican Church welcomes the community to join in fellowship over a hearty bowl of soup while delighting in a great cinematic work.

This extremely popular community event began on March 3 and will be held on subsequent Tuesdays throughout March from 6-9 p.m. Those who attend will enjoy sampling a variety of soup, bread and a beverage all for a free will donation followed by a movie. Organizers would like to thank their featured guest restaurant, The Albion Hotel, for providing a soup for their second movie night. People will be treated to a soup from Renegades Diner at the next movie night to be held on March 17. Of course, organizers are also very grateful to all the neighborhood “chefs” who contribute soup for the evenings – ensuring that there is a variety of soups to sample.

On Tuesday, March 17, the third movie to be shown is "Christopher Robin” a very family friendly picture in honor of March Break. Winnie the Pooh and friends embark on an adventure to help remind a grown-up Christopher Robin what is really important in life.

This year’s movie schedule also includes: Green Book, March 24; and Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, March 31.

Anyone who has yet to come out to a movie night should consider doing so as the church hall boasts surround sound as well as a terrific big screen plus it is a fabulous evening to socialize and escape the winter blahs. Participants are asked to reserve a spot by calling 519 565-2790. All in the community are welcome to attend. 

IMG_0592Soup and a Movie is a successful venture due to the generosity of the community, Ralph Laviolette brought in some buns to share.




PIXILATED — image of the week


Goose Transiting the Sun...By Conrad Kuiper

Email your photo in Jpeg format to with the subject line Subscriber Photo of the Week. or...Upload your photo to Flickr.

I am looking for the Bayfield that is a delight to the eye – please share photos with a touch of whimsy, beauty, humor or a sense of fun. If you are to include people in your photos be sure to have their permission to publish their picture on-line and also send in their names and where they are from. And don’t forget to tell me who took the photo for proper credit to be issued








24898985185_a35e01a94b_kDanielle DeMers, Natalie Tarnawski, Leanne Kavanagh danced to "Big Spender" from the movie Sweet Charity in the 2016 Cabaret held at the Bayfield Town Hall. Flash forward to 2020 and Tarnawski is in the running to become an Inked Magazine cover girl. (Photo by Gary Lloyd-Rees)

This week, an update on Nat Tarnawski’s progress to become the next Inked Cover Girl, an American magazine devoted to the tattoo lifestyle.

She is still in the running! Voting is now occurring for top five placement and she is currently first in her group. Please remember to keep voting daily to help her make it through

Inked Magazine’s next tattooed model will appear on the cover and be presented with the grand prize of $25,000. They will take part in an all-expense paid trip to join celebrity photographer Christopher Kolk and his star-studded style team for the exclusive photoshoot.

To help Tarnawski with her goal of becoming the next Inked Cover Girl please visit: and remember to vote daily. I will continue to keep you up-to-date on her progress right here! - Melody

P.S. In case you missed the story behind the voting check out my Submissions section in Issue 553.




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