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saturday was a busy day for town hall volunteers


July 9 was a busy day in Bayfield. While many people were around for Vettefest and the Fireman’s Breakfast. The Bayfield Town Hall Heritage Society (BTHHS) board members and volunteers provided a complementary event, the third annual One of a Kind Show on the town hall grounds. While the weather was not perfect, all events were well attended and successful.

Lynne Gillians, of Bayfield, assisted shoppers who came to the booth filled with colorful garments created by Jane MacLaren, of Bayfield. (Photo by Jack Pal)  

A host of vendors displayed and sold their beautiful handmade products, including pottery, scarves, fashion, garden arts, rugs, cushions, paintings, jewelry, cutting boards, organic soaps, creams and beauty products, stained glass, and photography. Appropriate to Vettefest, an automobile artist was in residence as well. The BTHHS thanks all of our returning and new artists for taking part in this special event.

At the same time, more Town Hall board members and volunteers were across the street in Clan Gregor Square, cooking and serving food at Vettefest. As a change from the standard fare, their new menu included pulled pork and turkey sausages (along with more traditional hotdogs).

Those who attended any of these special events had an advance look at the progress on the new Town Hall roof. Bayfield Breeze readers are encouraged to drive by and check it out! Understandably, fundraising for this project has been a huge undertaking for a volunteer Board of Directors. It is understandable as well that cash reserves have been sadly depleted. Donations are welcome to help us keep this vibrant resource alive in Bayfield. Please consider going to, and donating through the Canada link.

The colorful art of "2 Pals who Paint" was on display in the grounds of the Bayfield Town Hall during the third annual One of a Kind Show. (Photo by Melody Falconer-Pounder)  

_MG_2671 Cutting Boards by the Wilson Boys were one of the items available for purchasing at the One of a Kind Show held on Saturday on the grounds of the Bayfield Town Hall. (Photo by Jack Pal)

In addition to some of the furniture designed by Dave Loerchner, of DL Creastions of Bayfield, the delightful carving of Colin Brown was also on display at the show. (Photo by Melody Falconer-Pounder)

Paula Letheren, of Bayfield, brought her one of a kind creations to the third annual event held on the Bayfield Town Hall grounds. (Photo by Jack Pal)  

While the One of Kind Show was being held, across the street in Clan Gregor Square, more Town Hall volunteers were cooking and serving food at Vettefest. On this shift we found Cal Scotchmer, Mike van Baardwyk and Shelagh Sully cooking up hotdogs, pulled pork and turkey sausages. (Photo by Jack Pal)


OVER Five hundred poppies to honor county's fallen in WWI

This is an example of one of the 550 ceramic poppies needed to be made for the Huron County display. The organizing group is reaching out to everyone in the community to come help make poppies at workshop sessions throughout the month of July. (Photo by Bonnie Sitter)  

A group made up of local heritage representatives is looking to commemorate those lost in the First World War from Huron County with a community art project this fall. The project would see approximately 550 ceramic poppies, one for each life lost from Huron County in World War I, installed in front of the Goderich cenotaph. The poppies will stay in place from the end of September to early November 2016 as part of events marking the 100th Anniversary of the 161st Battalion shipping out to serve in the First World War.

The project is based on the 2014 art installation “Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red” by artists Paul Cummins and Tom Piper at the Tower of London in England. The art installation marked one hundred years since the first full day of Britain’s involvement in the First World War and included 888,246 ceramic poppies, each one representing a British military fatality during the war.

In order to make the 550 ceramic poppies needed for Huron County, the group is reaching out to everyone in the community to come help make poppies at workshop sessions throughout the month of July. No previous experience or special skills necessary, instructors will walk you through the process.

Poppy making workshop dates are: July 16, July 20, July 27 and July 29.

All session run from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and take place at the former Holmesville Public School, 670 Cut Line Road, Holmesville. Please note that participants should bring appropriate work clothes, a lunch or snacks and water. Children, under 16 years old, must be accompanied by an adult.

In addition, an evening session has been added on July 18 from 5-10 p.m.

To register for a session please contact Kelly Greig at the Huron County Library or 519-482-5457 ext. 2291. Find out more at

The Huron Arts & Heritage Network in conjunction with the County of Huron Cultural Services Department are producing the 161st commemorative events, under the direction of a project Steering Committee made up of representatives from the local heritage community. The Government of Canada is providing financial support for the project.

County discontinues Advanced Care Paramedic Program 

Following a program review, Huron County Council has voted to discontinue the Advanced Care Paramedic (ACP) Program effective immediately within the terms of the collective agreement. The total savings from the ACP Program is expected to be $177,000 per year, which will be reallocated to the Primary Care Paramedic (PCP) Program. The vote occurred at the eighth session of County Council on July 6th.

The decision was based on a service delivery review completed in 2013 by an independent consultant, Emergency Management & Training Inc. Since receiving this report, Council has been carefully considering how to best provide emergency medical services. In 2014, Council added another ambulance unit to the road fleet, increasing the response time of primary care paramedicine in Huron County.

Of the 87 paramedics employed by the county, this decision affects 14 individuals who are trained to administer ACP services. Providing an ACP Program is not mandatory in Ontario and the affected positions will now transition to become primary care paramedics.

“Access to health care is one of the most important issues in our communities,” said Warden Paul Gowing. “County Council has reinvested in primary care paramedicine so we can provide better emergency medical services to those who need it.”

Huron County Emergency Services is committed to helping our citizens by providing emergency response, communications and public safety education through professional leadership and teamwork. Our paramedics are dedicated to patient care and to continually improving their response times within the County of Huron.

Smart Phones and Exercise a novel combination 

Jim Boere lead the “cachers”, as they are called, on the 5 KM hike, locating the six caches that are hidden along the Woodland trail. (Photos by Jack Pal)  

The kids seemed to really enjoy the outing. It isn’t often you can combine the new Smart Phone technology with exercise!

The Bayfield River Valley Trail Association (BRVTA) gave all ages an opportunity to try Geocaching on a hike along the Woodland Trail in Bayfield on July 10. And folks responded with 20 individuals, including 10 youth, participating in the adventure.

Geocaching is a rapidly growing activity where hikers try to find hidden treasures using the Global Positioning System (GPS), which is now readily accessible on most smart phones.

Jim Boere lead the “cachers”, as they are called, on the 5 KM hike, locating the six caches that are hidden along the trail.

The kids really enjoyed the outing. It isn’t often you can combine the new Smart Phone technology with exercise!

In case you missed this one there is always next year as the BRVTA plans to make this Geocaching Hike an annual summer event.

test of the Sewer System to be conducted in part of village 

The Municipality of Bluewater is conducting a smoke test of the sanitary sewer system on Colina, Howard, Jane, Glass, Christy, Blair, and Eugene Streets in Bayfield on July 20.

The test will be cancelled and re-scheduled if it is raining on July 20. Residents will be notified of a new test date if this proves necessary.

Smoke testing is commonly used to detect storm water inflow sources such as roof downspouts, driveway and yard drains, foundation drains and storm water drainage system cross connections. Smoke testing can also detect and identify structural deterioration and leaking joints in sewer pipes and aging infrastructure.

During the testing you may see smoke coming from roof vents, building foundations, manholes, etc. The smoke will not enter homes or businesses if the building is properly plumbed, vented and water traps contain water.

If you observe smoke entering your home or business you should contact Rod Dupuis of the Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA) at 519 274-9242 or the Manager of Public Works for Bluewater, Jennette Walker, at 519 236-4351 Ext. 221. The crews who will be working in the area could also be notified. If this occurs homeowners should open windows for ventilation. The smoke will soon dissipate. The smoke is non-toxic, non-staining, white to grey in color, creates no fire hazard and is not harmful to pets. It may have a slight odor.

Award winning performers grace town hall stage 


On the evening of July 9, the Bayfield Town Hall Heritage Society (BTHHS) hosted performances by two award-winning singer/songwriters, Ken Yates and Deni Gauthier.

Deni Gauthier was the opening act at the concert held at the Bayfield Town Hall on Saturday night. (Photos by Jack Pal)  

The concert opened with Deni Gauthier, who is known for his lush but understated songwriting and singing style. He makes effective use of his looping station, as well as ambient guitar noises that add texture to his often haunting melodies. Like his other CDs, his most recent, “Passenger” is an ode to beauty and restraint, with insightful lyrics drawn from real experience. It was self-produced in Gauthier’s St. Thomas, ON studio

Gauthier’s previous full-length CDs include “Quiet Town” (2014), “i (am) hope” (2012), and “Man About Town” (2011). He has been nominated for several awards, including the prestigious 2016 Jack Richardson Music Award in the Contemporary Singer/Songwriter category. Concert goers were rewarded with a link to a free download of new music from Gauthier.

Ken Yates was the headliner at a concert held on the evening of July 9 at the Bayfield Town Hall.

The featured performer, Ken Yates, received the 2014 Colleen Peterson Award from The Ontario Arts Council for his song “The One That Got Away”. Born and Raised in London, ON, Yates moved to Boston to study songwriting at Berklee College of Music. It was there that he developed his skills as a songwriter, releasing his first album, “The Backseat EP”. In 2013 he released his first full length album “twenty-three” with US record label Mishara Music. Yates currently lives in Toronto, ON.

The BTHHS thanks OLG for their sponsorship of this special concert.




celtic concert

Due to a special arrangement with the Goderich Celtic Roots Festival, we are able to see one of their award winning acts here in Bayfield each year, hosted by the Bayfield Town Hall Heritage Society (BTHHS) . This year, the village Celtic Concert will take place on Aug. 1, the Civic Holiday Monday, and features “Cupola:Ward”, from Derby in England.

Cupola comprises Oli Matthews, Doug Eunson and Sarah Matthews add the fine talents of Lucy Ward (2012 Horizon Award Winner at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards) and “Cupola:Ward” was born. This composition has resulted in a vibrant collaboration of music and song. Cupola’s fine instrumental arrangements and vocal harmonies provide the perfect backdrop for Ward’s songs and strong delivery. All are encouraged to come out and enjoy this dynamic quartet.

“Cupola:Ward went down a storm at Gower Folk Festival – their brilliant musicianship, beautiful close harmonies and total love of what they do made for a superb set and with the addition of the totally stunning Ms. Ward you can’t get better!” said Artistic Director Gower Folk Festival, Joy Toole.

Tickets are $20 and the annual Bayfield Celtic Concert usually sells out, so besure to get yours early. Call Sue, 519 565-2551 or Pat, 519565-5340, visit Ernie King in Goderich or use Ticketscene. The concert starts at 7:30 p.m. The BTHHS thanks OLG for their sponsorship of this memorable event.

water parade 

The marina will be alive with lights as the Village of Bayfield is hosting their second annual Water Parade that due to inclement weather was rescheduled for the evening of July 16.

The organizers are asking everyone to spread the word to sailors! Owners of boats or all description, be they yacht or canoe, are invited to drape their vessels in lights and decorations and set sail just before sunset along the shoreline. If the weather proves unfavorable a harbor tour will be held instead.

To learn more about how to make this a night to remember visit

Bayfield Artist Guild 

The Bayfield Artist Guild has found a home and is now planning events, having fun with their art and welcome more members to join.

St. Andrew’s United Church has graciously opened their church hall for the group to hold their meetings.

They are now hoping to raise some funds to run the group as well as create a website. Artist, Martina Bruggeman has a new gallery on Main Street North called “Martina Studio” and she has a painting to start the fundraising off. For a minimum donation of $2 people will receive a ballot to win the painting currently on display in her gallery.

The Guild is also holding an “En Plein Air” event in Clan Gregor Square from 9 a.m. to noon on July 14. Everyone is welcome to bring their paints, or sketch book or craft and their own chair and supplies and join in. The Guild will supply the music and the camaraderie!

The Guild is for any artist whether they be professional, intermediate, start up or simply interested.

Giant Hogweed

Anyone who glances to the riverside as they cross over the Bayfield Bridge on Hwy 21 will no doubt have noticed that the insidious Giant Hogweed has returned for another season and this time the bed is even bigger.

Bill Whetstone, Bayfield ward councilor for the Municipality of Bluewater, sent an email out on Tuesday morning to the effect that, “The hogweed below the bridge is going to be sprayed this week. My understanding is that MTO has co-ordinated the spraying and has been in contact with Harbour Lights Marina as some of it is located on their property.”

He added monitoring will need to be done and he expects another round of spraying will need to be done next year due to the seed bed.

Giant Hogweed can be a serious health hazard. If there is skin contact with this plant, the toxins in the sap, activated by direct sunlight, will cause severe burns. Contact with the plant can create painful blisters, reddening and swelling of the skin after a day, and inflammation after three days. If the sap comes in contact with the eyes, it may even cause temporary or permanent blindness. The severe dermatitis can affect some people for months. Some people exposed to the plant even stay sensitive for years.

The mammoth size of the towering Giant Hogweed is the plant’s most distinctive trait. The plant can grow to the size of a full-grown adult and can sometimes reach ten feet in height.

Historical Society

Arnold Mathers, will be the guest speaker at the next meeting of the Bayfield Historical Society (BHS), July 25.

Mathers spent his early years on a farm in the north part of Huron County. He became a teacher and was principal of Huron Centennial School at Brucefield for eighteen years. He spent the last ten years of his educational career as Superintendent for the Huron County Board of Education.

He never got very far away from his farming roots. Along with a farming partner and his wife and children they farmed 300 acres. They raised beef cattle, cash cropped and grew and sold Christmas trees.

The author began writing stories during his retirement and has published three family genealogies and two books of humorous short stories. Thirty-seven of his stories have been published in the Rural Voice magazine. Mather’s and his wife, Ila, live in Exeter and spend some of their time in their 160 year-old log house on their tree farm near Wingham. His latest book is “Homemade and Hand-Me-Downs”.

The meeting shall be held at the Bayfield Lions’ Community Building starting at 7:30 p.m.

This would also be a great time to ensure that your BAS membership is up to date. If you are not sure, please email so they can check their records.

Garden Club

The Bayfield Garden Club Summer Potluck is set for July 18. In addition, members and invited guests will have the opportunity to tour a Bayfield garden prior to the meal.

Between 5:30 and 6:15 p.m. a very special garden will be open for viewing along the beautiful Bayfield River. It is described as “secluded serenity among the trees, enjoy boats on the river, wild and colorful against a back drop of ferns and hostas.” The views and sounds of the river make this garden a peaceful and relaxing space. Susan Beatty is the contact at 519 565-2875 for more information and location.

The Summer Potluck will follow at 6:30 p.m. at John and Kathleen Siertsema’s home at 34541 Mill Rd., Bayfield.

Those who attend are asked to bring a dish to share plus their own plate, cutlery and lawn chair.

“The Siertsema’s welcome us again this year to their lovely gardens where we dine under the shade of trees, listen to the birds and watch the antics of the goats and wildlife in the fields. John may be talked into showing us his special birds after our meal!” said Beatty. “This is a lovely way to dine with friends and fellow gardeners as well as sample culinary specialties with a relaxing view of the garden and fields.”

This event runs rain or shine and is for members and invited guests only.

Wild West Fest 

Saddle on up and ride on in to Pharmasave Michael’s Pharmacy on July 22 for their Wild West Fest.

This western themed extravaganza will be held from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and feature a savings stampede of 15 per cent off almost all over the counter purchases. Cowboys and cowgirls will also have the opportunity to test drive mobility scooters.

There will be free loot bags, snacks and refreshments as well as a silent auction to benefit the Alexandra Marine and General Hospital Foundation.

Ya’all welcome!

Fish Fry 

The congregation of Knox Presbyterian Church in Bayfield is inviting the community to come and enjoy a delicious fish dinner with them on July 30 at the Bayfield Community Centre.

Meal service will run from 4:30-7 p.m. Fresh Whitefish is the main event with accompanying baked potato, two salads and roll. As usual there will be freshly made tartar sauce. Dessert features include assorted homemade pies, squares and cookies.

Eat in or take-out Tickets are available now by calling Bettylou at 519 565-4770. Cost is $18 per adult and $10 for children 12 and under.

Antique Show 

The 31st Annual Bayfield Antique and Collectibles Show and Sale will be held on Aug. 5-7 at the Bayfield Arena. It is a fundraiser for Trinity Anglican Church in Bayfield.

The dealers love the show and bring beautiful antiques and collectibles, big and small, to suit every taste and pocketbook. The arena will be filled with an impressive array of quality antiques and collectibles such as Canadiana, furniture, books, porcelain, silver, estate and costume jewelry and antique toys.

The Gala Evening Opening Celebration is set for Friday from 6-9 p.m. This evening will include refreshments and live entertainment. Guests can meet the vendors, chat, browse, and buy a unique item for their collection. Tickets are $10 in advance and $12 at the door. Advance tickets are available now from church members until the Thursday prior to the show at 5 p.m.

The show will then run Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. During these times the church runs a café offering sandwiches, tea, coffee and delicious sweets – so visitors never have to worry about going hungry while shopping. Admission for Saturday and Sunday is $5 per person.

For gala tickets or more information call Joan Cluff at 519 565-2974 or Trinity at 519 565-2790 or visit

FOBL Book Sale

The Friends of the Bayfield Library (FOBL) will be holding their annual book sale at the Bayfield Public Library on Aug. 20-21.

Book lovers are invited to pay what they can with all proceeds going to the library and community. The hours for the sale are Saturday, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Sunday, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Gently used books, puzzles and games can be donated to the sale. These can be dropped off at the library from 1-5 p.m. on Aug. 12 and Aug. 16-17.

Commercial book dealers are asked to wait until 1 p.m. on Sunday before purchasing.

Members of the FOBL have an opportunity for an advanced preview and purchase of books on Aug. 19 from 2-4 p.m. Anyone who is not yet a member can purchase a life time membership for a $5 fee.

Jazz Fridays 

Davinci Ristorante presents the music of Jazz musician Glenn Higgins every Friday evening between 6-9 p.m. thru out the summer.

Higgins has been said to sound like a combination of Joe Cocker, Randy Newman and Louis Armstrong.

The folks at Davinci Ristorante can think of nothing better than live music in a beautiful garden patio setting combined with great food and summer drinks. Folks who agree should know that reservations are recommended by calling at 519 565-4076.

Run4Kids Contest

Every Run4Kids event the winners in every division of the run receive a photo plaque. This year organizers, Virtual High School and the Bayfield Optimist Club, have decided to hold a photo contest to involve the community in determining what image will grace the 2016 plaque.

The image should reflect the nature of the Run4Kids as well as the organization that benefits from the event, Make-A-Wish.

Large file images should be emailed to Jackie.loebach@

There is no prize for the picture chosen, just bragging rights to help support the cause.

Rise 2 Fame 

If you sing, dance, play an instrument or perform in other ways, and are between the ages of six and 21 then the Rise 2 Fame Youth Talent Search is looking for you.

The only Huron County preliminary competition to the Western Fair Talent Search takes place on Friday, Aug. 19 at the Bayfield Community Fair, upstairs in the Bayfield Community Centre. Junior competitions begin first at 7 p.m. with Youth competitions to follow. Contestants are asked to check-in at 6 p.m. This ensures that all registration documents are complete and that music can be lined up for the show. Be sure to read the rules very carefully online by visiting the website at

Registration must be completed online on the Western Fair site before Aug. 7 or you can contact Charlie Kalbfleisch at 519 565-2244 to ensure you are a contestant on his list.

Winners go on to perform at the Western Fair – a 35 year tradition which has touched the lives of thousands of talented youngster from across the province. The Western Fair Rise2Fame Youth Talent Search, along with the preliminaries, has been the start to many careers in the arts and continues to encourage young people to pursue their talents, by giving them a chance to perform in front of a live audience.

Bayfield’s preliminary contest is the only one in Huron County before this year’s Western Fair. Categories of competition are (1) Vocal Solo; (2) Instrumental Solo; (3) Dance Solo; (4) Dance Group; (5) Vocal and/or Instrumental Group including bands; (6) Variety Solo and (7) Variety Group.

Entries for all preliminaries can be made online at Contact Kalbfleisch at the number listed above or for more information.




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Pioneer Park Association 

Rummage sale an electrifying experience

The Bayfield Arena floor was alive with activity on the evening of July 8 when the Pioneer Park Association hosted their 69th Annual Rummage Sale and Silent Auction.  

Jenny Allan, Rummage Sale Convener, took a moment for a well deserved rest during the sale. Allan is expecting her second child any day now!

Trevor Bieber, of London, discovered the most perfect treasure, a millennium snow globe featuring an "exploding" computer.

Silent Auction bidders had their pick of some fantastic art at this year's sale.  

There was plenty of activity around the dish sets at the sale.  


The 69th annual Pioneer Park Rummage Sale was electrifying! Literally.

Organizers determined that a severe thunderstorm was about to move over the village and invited everyone lined up to enter the arena when the doors opened at 7 p.m. to come on in early. It was a very good executive decision as some moments later a lightning strike hit in the vicinity of the arena causing a temporary loss of power. It also set off the alarm and may have poached the arena scoreboard in the process.

However, Rummage Sale shoppers are resilient and they continued to scoop up bargains despite the inclement weather. Sadly a good deal of the items on display for the outside portion of the sale probably sustained water damage.

One table that is always popular every year is the Bake Table and as it is always set up indoors nothing got soggy. The convener of the Bake Table, Lynne Price, wishes to thank, very sincerely, all those who contributed their baked goods. She especially thanks the volunteers who assist with sales. As always, they came through with great support, she wrote. Anyone reading this who might wish to contribute next year can let Price know at 519 565-5876.

No matter the results, Pioneer Park now has considerably more funds in the coffers for upkeep than it did on Thursday and that is what the goal always is.

Volunteers Jennifer Campbell and Paula Pierce were kept busy showing customers the many linens that were donated to the sale.

These two ladies showed considerable interest in the dried flowers for sale.  

Happy bargain hunters are what makes the Rummage Sale so much fun to attend!  






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something unusual happened at 10th annual fest

Vettefest organizers appreciate the ongoing generosity of the Bayfield and area merchants who donate door prizes and items for the participant goody bags every year.

Something unusual happened at the 10th annual Bayfield Vettefest held on July 8th and 9th. It rained.  

Participants came from Detroit, Toronto, Hanover and beyond to take part in the 10th annual show

The latest in Corvette design was brought to Vettefest by Mike Holman of Stratford. This is a 2016 Corvette.

This is what is under the hood of the 1972 Corvette owned by Lori Uttley, of London.

Dave MacLaren, of Bayfield, brought his 1979 Corvette to the park.  


Something unusual happened at the 10th annual Bayfield Vettefest held on July 8th and 9th. It rained.

“Hopefully next year Mother Nature will get back to her usual sunny warm mood but we can’t complain because she’s co-operated with us nine out of the 10 years!” wrote Brian Coombs, organizer, on the event’s Facebook page. “I just want to thank you all for braving the cool damp weather and for coming out. Mother Nature sprinkled on us for a few minutes but again we appreciate you all for hanging in there and enjoying the day. It’s the car owners that make this day a huge success.”

Vettefest saw 235 cars set up in the shade of Clan Gregor Square. There was another dozen or so outside the park and a couple of Corvettes were brought in on trailers. Participants came from Detroit, Toronto, Hanover and beyond.

On Friday night, right when the Summer Cruise was set to disembark from Clan Gregor Square a severe summer storm made its way overhead. As a result Corvette owners were invited to the Little Inn of Bayfield for an impromptu reception instead of a drive.

Coombs noted that Vettefest appreciates the ongoing generosity of the Bayfield and area merchants who donate door prizes and items for the participant goody bags every year. He is also indebted to the many volunteers who work in advance of the event and also during it to make sure everything runs smoothly. This year money raised from the event will help support the Bayfield Skating Club.

Ross Mitchell, of Seasonal Creations, brought some unique birdhouses and feeders to Vettefest to peak the interest of car enthusiasts who may also enjoy watching birds.
Vettefest saw 235 cars set up in the shade of Clan Gregor Square. There was another dozen or so outside the park and a couple of Corvettes were brought in on trailers.






PIXILATED — image of the week



Email your photo in Jpeg format to with the subject line Subscriber Photo of the Week. or...Upload your photo to Flickr.

I am looking for the Bayfield that is a delight to the eye – please share photos with a touch of whimsy, beauty, humor or a sense of fun. If you are to include people in your photos be sure to have their permission to publish their picture on-line and also send in their names and where they are from. Any images that include minors should have the parent's permission for publication prior to submission. And don’t forget to tell me who took the photo for proper credit to be issued







Melody Falconer-Pounder


So last week was like Christmas in July as we had our grandson visit with us for an entire week. Every morning I woke up to his smiling face staring intently at me from my bedside. He never speaks, coughs or nudges me he just stares me awake. From that moment each day we were off on adventures. We gave him a wallet for his fifth birthday and everyone in the “know” gave him money for a present to help fill it up. He was a little disappointed that the cardboard card that came with the wallet was not a real credit card so as a compromise I took him to the Bayfield Library and he got his very own Huron County Library Card for his first card in his wallet. We also got a music CD, two videos, a collection of Robert Munsch stories, and three Dr. Seuss books to enjoy over the course of the week.

We also went shopping on Main Street to spend a little bit of that birthday money on some fun activities to busy away the hours on those afternoons that were too hot to go out. In an effort to cool down we also sampled a couple different ice cream options available in the village.

He expressed an interest in trying golf so I was able to borrow a set of wee clubs from a friend for him to test his skill on. Some backyard instruction from grandpa and then a trip to the driving range in Grand Bend provided him with an opportunity to see a golf camp in action. The Golf Pro even took the time to visit with and encourage him and shake his hand. By then Graham was convinced he was ready to head out on the course but after some negotiating he agreed that maybe just visiting the course would be a reasonable first step. So we headed out to Bluewater and he got to see the expanse of hole one and nine. He watched some older boys practice their putting for a while and marveled at the size of the sand traps. “They don’t look that big on TV, Gramel!”

We also introduced him to the art of mini-golf by heading to Putts Mini-Golf at Gold Coast Landscaping. It was there I discovered I might need to buy a season’s pass as after his first experience we went back every day thereafter. I am pleased to report that we both improved each day but still find holes #4 and #9 to be our nemesis. It was here that we also discovered that our right-handed grandson might be a left- handed golfer.

In the last hours of our day we headed to Clan Gregor Square for some time in the park and a few circuits around the Splash Pad. And then it was ready for bed where we shared in the worlds created by authors Munsch and Seuss. And then just like the Christmas season the week went by too quickly, however, he did share that for his next visit he’d like to try two weeks. So there may be more opportunities to try all the other wonderful things that we can do in the village in the summer if we only had more time. – Melody


Ideas and contributions to the Bayfield Breeze are always welcome.
Deadlines for submissions are Sundays at 4 p.m.

Please email me at or call 519-525-3830.


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