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Sixty people gathered for a special Councilor’s Corner meeting on the afternoon of July 16 at the Bayfield Community Centre. Bayfield Ward Councilor Bill Whetstone opened the meeting by stating that it was a Ward meeting to gather input from residents on the proposed development at 89 Main Street South. It was an opportunity for them to have their voices heard on both sides of this sensitive issue.

He shared the presentation that Deanne Mighton, a Bayfield summer resident and Senior Urban Designer for the City of Toronto, had made as a delegation to Bluewater Council on July 4.

“It sums up very well the challenges that we are facing,” he said. (Whetstone had her permission to share the presentation, as she was unable to attend.)

Whetstone went on to say that it’s not that the development proposed for the site is a Tim Hortons in so much as what is proposed does not follow Bluewater’s Official Plan or the brand image for Bayfield.

“And if we don’t follow the Official Plan we are ignoring what the residents want as it was the residents that created the plan,” he said.

Several full-time and summer residents voiced their thoughts on the project, listing concerns over traffic safety, litter, light and noise pollution, strains on sewage capacity and setting precedent on future developments. The overwhelming concern was for the existing businesses – the restaurants, coffee shops, convenience stores and gas stations that are owned by people who live locally, shop locally and pay taxes locally.

The recurring comment Whetstone was asked by those in attendance was, “We are hearing it is a done deal. Is it a done deal?”

Whetstone noted that both the MTO and the MOE have yet to provide approvals.
He suggested that if residents and council are on board if it does come that the design could be changed significantly from what is currently planned.

“Take the Tim Hortons in St. Jacobs as an example. The community fought and fought to get the design to be one that is in keeping with the community,” Whetstone said.

Whetstone was also asked what his general feel from the community was regarding the development to which he said, “it would appear most are not in favor” sighting the online petition that is approaching 500 signatures and the many negative emails he has received.

Others in attendance were angered that it took so long for word on the project to reach the public and why as the ward councilor for Bayfield he had not learned of the project prior to its appearance on the council agenda on June 5.

Still others asked what they could do as residents regarding the development?

Whetstone suggested that they write letters and send copies to all members of the council. He noted that it would be best to leave personal opinion out of the letter and base it in fact with all the issues that had been discussed at this Ward meeting such as, sewage capacity, traffic and pedestrian safety, traffic flow, lack of sidewalks, litter, light and noise pollution plus perhaps most importantly the fact that the proposed development at 89 Main Street South does not fit within Bluewater’s Official Plan.

The address 89 Main Street South is located to the south of the LCBO and Bayfield Foodland plaza. 



If you sing, dance, play an instrument or perform in other ways, and are between the ages of six and 21 then the Rise2Fame Youth Talent Search is looking for you.

The only Huron County preliminary competition to the Western Fair Talent Search takes place on Friday, Aug. 18 at the Bayfield Community Fair, upstairs in the Bayfield Community Centre. Junior competitions begin first at 7 p.m. with Youth competitions to follow. Check-in is at 6 p.m. This ensures that all registration documents are complete and that music can be lined up for the show.

Be sure to read the rules very carefully online by visiting the website at Registration must be completed online on the Western Fair site before Aug. 7. There is also another option for an online video submission on the same site.

Winners go on to perform at the Western Fair – a 35-year tradition that has touched the lives of thousands of talented youngsters from across the province. The Western Fair Rise2Fame Youth Talent Search, along with the preliminaries, has been the start to many careers in the arts and continues to encourage young people to pursue their talents, by giving them a chance to perform in front of a live audience.

Remember, Bayfield’s preliminary contest is the only one in Huron County and one of the last before this year’s Western Fair. Categories of competition are (1) Vocal Solo; (2) Instrumental Solo; (3) Dance Solo; (4) Dance Group; (5) Vocal and/or Instrumental Group including bands; (6) Variety Solo and (7) Variety Group. Individuals can compete more than once in different categories.

Winners of the Bayfield preliminary Rise2Fame contest will perform again at the Western Fair on the Anne Eadie Stage during the first two weeks of September. At the Western Fair competition there are big cash prizes and trophies for final winners. The top prize includes a trophy and $1,500 in cash. In 2015, the Junior Winner at the Western Fair was a Huron County dancer and that was not the first time that Huron County kids have made it to the finals!

But you can’t win if you don’t enter the preliminary in Bayfield. And Rise2Fame contestants, along with one adult get free admission to the fair. So get registered, bring your dancing shoes, instrument or vocals and come showcase your talent at the Fair.

Entries for all preliminaries can be made on-line at

Please contact Charles Kalbfleisch at 519 565-2244 or Willi Laurie or by calling 519 482-9265 for more information.

Gala a treat for both shoppers and vendors at antique show 

IMG_4164Joyce Lambert is all ready for the 32nd annual Gala Opening of the Bayfield Antique and Collectibles Show and Sale on Aug. 11. Tickets are available now from JMR Collections or Brandons Hardware. (Photo by Judy Roth)

Everything old really is new again at the 32nd Annual Bayfield Antique and Collectibles Show to be held Aug. 11-13.

New this year, admission to the Gala includes free admisstion to the show on Saturday and Sunday! Tickets for the Gala are on sale now at Brandon Hardware and JMR Collections both in Bayfield or by calling 519 565-4102.

The Friday Gala is the perfect time to mingle with dealers and enjoy some wine and cheese from 6-9 p.m. Attendees will also get a head start on the stamping of their “Your Passport to Future Treasures” to be entered into a raffle for three awesome prize packages. In addition, visitors to the Gala should be on the look out for models dressed in fashions of yesterday. These gals will provide a sneak peak at what will be shared during a Vintage Clothing and Accessories Fashion Parade to be held on Sunday afternoon from 1-2 p.m. and sponsored by JMR Collections on Main Street.

The Show will be open on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Admission on these two days is $5.

Another new feature of the 2017 show is an opportunity to have family heirlooms or special finds appraised by Tim Saunders, of Three Squirrels Antiques in Bayfield. There is three-item limit and donations are appreciated.

As always the fabulous Cafe will be open during show hours on Saturdays and Sundays when visitors can enjoy a very reasonably priced sandwiches, sweets and cold beverages or coffee.

Proceeds from this event go toward Trinity Anglican Church’s needs and outreach.

So who is coming to this year's event? Seller Spotlight is an occasional, question and answer feature in the Bayfield Breeze to highlight dealers that will be taking part in the show and sale. The fourth business to be featured is “Academy Collectables".

Name of Business: Academy Collectables

Owners Name: Richard Whitelaw

Business location: Oakville, Ontario

# of years attending Bayfield Antique and Collectibles Show and Sale: This is my first year.

How long have you been a dealer? I have been a dealer for 42 years.

Do you belong to any professional organizations, like dealer associations, appraiser associations or organizations related to specific types of merchandise? Canadian Society of Military Medals & Insignia (CSMMI)

Do you offer antiques, collectibles or both? Both

Do you specialize in certain items or eras? I specialize in coins, paper money, militaria & stamps.

What first inspired your interest in antiques? I have always loved history & began collecting coins as a child & developed it into a business.

What would you describe as your favorite find…your most unusual find…your oldest find? I acquired a wooden box from Hitler's desk in his bunker. This was a birthday gift that Hitler cherished and was taken by an RAF Intelligence officer who later came to Canada and passed away in the 1980s. That's when it surfaced for sale.

Anything you would like to add about your business? I love being able to do shows, meet people & listen to their stories. I learn from their experiences.

 musical influence stems from newfoundland roots 

UnknownMatthew Byrne

Due to a special arrangement with the Goderich Celtic Roots Festival, we are able to see one of their award winning acts here in Bayfield each year, hosted by the Bayfield Town Hall Heritage Society. This year, this Celtic Concert will take place on Aug. 7, the Civic Holiday Monday, and will feature Matthew Byrne.

The concert will begin at 7:30 p.m. at the Bayfield Town Hall.

Born into a family of Newfoundland music makers, Byrne’s repertoire is heavily influenced by that unique musical lineage – the weaving of a great story with a beautiful melody – and he supports this tradition with powerful vocals, polished guitar work and a presence that fills the room. His repertoire transcends time and place and his live performance reminds listeners how satisfying traditional songs can be when stripped down to their basic elements.

“Matt’s interpretation of traditional songs is somehow fresh and ancient at the same time. And his voice is friggin’ perfect,” said Alan Doyle, the lead singer of Canadian folk rock band Great Big Sea. 

Byrne will release his highly anticipated third album, “Horizon Lines” on Aug. 11. This newest collection of traditional material explores a unique repertoire of songs from both sides of the Atlantic and continues Byrne’s journey through his own unique musical lineage. Check out his music, or on YouTube.

Tickets are $20 in advance and $25 at the door. For tickets call Sue at 519 565-2551 or Sandy at 519 565-2830, visit

Hikers found treasures along the Woodland Trail 


One of the highlights of the Bayfield River Valley Trail Association (BRVTA) calendar is Geocaching Sunday! This year it was held on July 9 along the Woodland Trail in Bayfield.

Participants were encouraged to bring their Smart phones and Jim Boere showed people how to use them to find special treasures along the trail. Anyone who doesn’t have a Smart phone was still welcome to attend.

Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the Geocache (container) hidden at that location.

_MG_1535 Jim Boere showed people how to use their Smart Phones to find special treasures along the trail.

_MG_1538 A Geocache can be micro in size as evidenced here or as large as a coffee tin or jam jar.

_MG_1551 One young participant delights in the gift she found inside the Geocache. The idea is if you take a trinket replace it with one.


_MG_1546Youngsters look for a Geocache hidden along the Woodland Trail.

_MG_1547Jim Boere and a volunteer open a Geocache.



An online petition has been created regarding the proposed development at 89 Main Street South in the village. The petition entitled, “Preserve Bayfield, Ontario's heritage culture - say "NO" to corporate encroachment” that will be sent to the CAO of the Municipality of Bluewater Kyle Pratt. It was launched midday on July 11 and as of publishing time had generated 496 signatures.

For anyone interested in viewing the petition please visit:

Our Nature, Our Canada 

Our_Nature_Our_Canada_Library_ProgramConservation Educator Denise Iszczuk with ABCA displays some of the items found in nature that have been adopted by Canadians as symbols of this country. (Submitted photo)  

Young people in this area are learning about Canada’s water, plants, and animals through a one-hour program at local libraries.

The Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority (ABCA) hosted the Our Nature, Our Canada program at Clinton and Zurich libraries on July 18, 2017. Conservation educators will continue the program at the Seaforth library on Aug. 8, at 2 p.m.; at the libraries in Bayfield and Goderich on Thursday, Aug. 10 (Goderich at 11:30 a.m. and Bayfield at 2 p.m.); and at the Hensall Library on Aug. 15 at 2 p.m. The Our Nature, Our Canada program is for young people age five to 12 and registration is required.

This new nature education program encourages children and youth to celebrate Canada during the 150th anniversary year of Canadian Confederation. ABCA Staff will bring special guest Morris the Beaver (a taxidermied beaver) and other iconic symbols of Canada’s nature.

“Those who attend find out about the magnificent and abundant natural resources found in Canada including water, plants and animals,” said Denise Iszczuk with ABCA.

Those taking part get to make a Maple Leaf window decal that helps to prevent birds from striking windows.

Community donations to the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Foundation have supported several of these library visits as well as other nature education programs.

To find out more visit this Huron County Library

Pioneer Park AGM 

Aug. 12 is the date set for the 2017 Pioneer Park Association (PPA) Annual General Meeting (AGM) to be held in Pioneer Park starting at 10 a.m.

In case of rain the meeting will move to the Bayfield Lions’ Community Building.

The draft minutes of the 2016 AGM are available to read at the Archives Building and Bayfield Public Library both on Main Street North. They will also be available at the meeting.

People are reminded that they must a member of the PPA to vote at the AGM. For membership information, please contact Secretary Pattie MacDonald, via email at

Rummage Sale 

It takes the village of Bayfield to realize the value of natural landscape and the joy of community. It takes the members of the Pioneer Park Association to carry on the vision and mission of protecting a natural, open greenspace for all.
And once a year it all comes together at the Pioneer Park Rummage Sale.

“On July 14 we did it again! It was one of our most successful years ever,” said Catherine Tillmann, 2017 convenor of the sale. “As always, the proceeds will go to keeping the park clean, green and open to the public.

“Of course the sale is more than just one night. It begins many months before with the organizers. It builds with the donation and sorting of items at the Quonset Hut. It reaches 'preparation peak' with the arena set-up, goods pricing and display. Then it is ignited by the enthusiasm of the shoppers.”

For seventy years, this event has been an unofficial 'kick off' to summer.

“Neighbors meet up, old friends reconnect and new friends are made. It is an event that both makes and is made by all those that love the simple, natural state of our village,” said Tillmann.

She extended thanks to all the volunteers, to all item donors, and to all who came to be a part of “this wonderful tradition” and looks forward to seeing these same folks at the park.

Agricultural Society 

For many people, the Bayfield Community Fair signals that summer is nearing its end, and believe it or not it is now just four weeks away – Aug. 18-20.

“We hope you’ve been searching your garden for the largest pumpkin, the nicest peppers or the tallest sunflower,” said Jayme Dowson, a fair volunteer. “Maybe you have been in the kitchen perfecting your carrot cake or loaf of white bread. Maybe you need to give the kids something to do for the day have them do some Canada themed crafts. All of these thigns can be entered in the fair.”

Visit the fair website to get all of the details regarding fair entries and a registration form.

Tickets are now available for the Carnival Music Fest to be held on the evening of Aug. 19, with headliner “I Mother Earth”. Tickets and more details are available online at Ticketscene -

Dowson would also like to remind everyone to purchase 50/50 tickets that are on sale now. “Don’t miss your chance at some cold hard cash!” she said. Email to obtain raffle tickets.

Pioneer Park Fun Run

The 31st annual Pioneer Park 5 KM Fun Race is approaching fast with the date set for Monday, Aug. 7. Participants can run, walk or wheel.

The entry fee remains at $5 per person. Spectators are always welcome to come out and cheer on the participants and this is also a dog friendly event.

All proceeds from the event go to Pioneer Park to help with its yearly upkeep.

Registration takes place in Pioneer Park for one hour starting at 8:30 a.m. Walkers depart at 9:30 a.m. and everyone else goes at 10 a.m. or shortly after.

Please be aware that Provincial law dictates that a helmet is required for all bikers under the age of 18 years.

“So please come out for a coffee, a visit with some old friends, meet some new ones and cheer on the racers,” said Anne Laudenbach, event organizer. “This is truly a cherished community tradition - thanks to all the racers who participate and the race crew in particular who make this event happen!”

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please reach out to Laudenbach at 416 527-5898. And don’t forget to start stretching!


The Bayfield River Valley Trail Association is introducing a new hike to encourage and spread awareness of the awesome hiking trails available in our county. This Moms, Pops, Tots and Strollers Hike will feature Denise Iszczuk, educator with the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority. She will help families discover the wonder of nature through hands-on exploration and activities which don’t require specialized or expensive equipment.

The hike will be held on the Taylor Trail in Varna. It is an interesting and varied trail on hard surface with compacted gravel so that individuals with young children, with or without strollers, can experience the joy of a stroll in the woods. All are welcome to join the fun Thursday, July 27 at 9 a.m.

The trail is 1 KM long; difficulty is level 1 and the hike should take approximately one hour. The trail starts at the Stanley Recreation Complex, 1.6 KMs west of the village of Varna on County Road #3. Parking is available.

The hike leader will be Pat Baker, 519 955-1456.


How many among us take notice of certain symbols that remind us of someone special who no longer walks the earth? Hearing the striking lilt of a birdcall, sighting a butterfly flitting by or spotting a feather on the ground are all fine examples of these signs.

In recognition of these the Huron Hospice is holding an event in Pioneer Park on Aug. 27 that will allow community members to honor the memory of loved ones or beloved pets in a symbolic way at a Butterfly Release.

The event will be held from 7-8 p.m. and will include a memorial service officiated by Eugene Dufour and the release of butterflies while a few pipers from the Celtic Blue Highlanders pipe.

Please call Michelle at 519 482-3440 Ext. 6301 or to purchase a butterfly in memory of a loved one or beloved pet, Monarch butterflies are $25 each while Painted Lady butterflies are $20. Their flight orders must be received before Aug. 8.

Kintail on the road 


Knox Presbyterian Church, Bayfield is once again hosting, “Kintail on the Road” bringing a Christian day camp to the village.

The fun has already begun so call to register campers from JK to Grade 6 by calling 519 565-2913 and leaving a message.

Camp takes place every Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. until Aug. 24th. The cost to attend is $5 per child each week or $7 for two or more children. All snacks and lunch are included in the price.

Qualified counselors along with Leaders-in-Training lead the campers in songs, games, outdoor activities and crafts for a fun filled day.

Johnny Cash 

Johnny Cash 303Marty Allen as Johnny Cash. (Submitted photo)  

The Bayfield Town Hall Heritage Society (BTHHS) is pleased to announce another tribute performance, on July 29. This one features Southern Ontario artist, Marty Allen, celebrating the music of the great Johnny Cash. 

Allen was named after the late Marty Robbins and weaned on Sun Record artists Elvis Presley and Cash.

To learn more and to check out his music, go to or YouTube.

Organizers note the people should get their tickets soon, as they are expected to sell out. Tickets are $20 ($25 at the door, if any are left). Doors open at 7 p.m. and the concert starts at 7:30 p.m.

For tickets, call Pat Pal, 519 565-5340 or Sandy Scotchmer, 519 565-2830, or go to The BTHHS thanks OLG for their sponsorship of this event.



The congregation of Knox Presbyterian Church in Bayfield is inviting the community to come and enjoy a delicious fish dinner with them on July 29 at the Bayfield Community Centre.

Meal service for this seventh annual event will run from 4:30-7 p.m. Fresh Whitefish is the main event with homemade tartar sauce served alongside salad, potatoes and a roll. Dessert features include assorted homemade pies, squares and cookies.

Eat in or take-out. Tickets are available now by calling Bettylou at 519 565-4770. Cost is $18 in advance and $20 at the door per adult and $10 for children 12 and under.



st. james day celebrated on woodland trail 


On Sunday, July 23, a pilgrim hike was led by hike leaders from the Bayfield River Valley Trail Association (BRVTA) to mark St. James Day. The Camino Pilgrims, of London, were guests on the Woodland Trail. Over 25 hikers were present to enjoy the 6 KM hike.

Members from the London group have either hiked one or more of the routes on the Camino de Santiago or have future plans to do so. This pilgrimage can be very powerful for those who chose to take the plunge and challenge themselves both physically and spiritually. There are about a dozen different routes that can be taken to get to the Cathedral de Compostela in Santiago.

_MG_1665Over 25 hikers took part in the annual 6 KM hike along the Woodland Trail.  

_MG_1682On Sunday, July 23, a pilgrim hike was led by hike leaders from the Bayfield River Valley Trail Association (BRVTA) to mark St. James Day.

 _MG_1675This hike is open to anyone who has hiked one or more of the routes on the Camino de Santiago or have future plans to do so.

As tradition dictates participants join together for a meal following the hike.


Frank_Ferragine The 2017 International Plowing Match and Rural Expo, Sept. 19–23 in Walton, ON, will feature some education opportunities for visitors. Organizers are excited to announce that Mairlyn Smith (not pictured) and Frank Ferragine, aka Frankie Flowers, will be special guests at the Lifestyles Tent at IPM 2017. Smith is a professional home economist and food writer making guest appearances on the daytime show Cityline. Smith will be on the Lifestyles Stage Friday, Sept. 22 at 1 p.m. Ferragine is one of Canada’s most trusted gardening experts. He will be sharing fun facts about the food we grow, Thursday, Sept. 21 at 1 p.m. on the Lifestyles Stage.(Submitted photo)


huron county

image003Sandra Weber (Submitted photo)  

Huron County has hired a new Director of Planning. Sandra Weber has been promoted from her role as Manager of Planning to the director’s position.

“I’m very pleased to offer the position to Sandra,” said CAO Brenda Orchard. “Our planning team is very strong and Sandra stands out as the top candidate to fulfill the director’s role.”

Weber is the third director of the department since it was created in 1971. A native of the Brussels and Belgrave area, she has been with the County for 21 years as a planner. As director she will be responsible for overseeing the Planning and Development Department, as well as the forestry and stewardship programs.

“It’s a privilege to serve our communities in this role,” said Weber. “Our staff are talented professionals and it’s a pleasure to work with them every day.”

Weber assumed the position on July 17.


A four-week Bone Health program will be offered in Zurich at the Bluewater and Area Family Health Team (BAFHT) on Tuesdays starting on Sept. 12.

The workshop, which will run from 1-3 p.m., will be useful to those recently diagnosed with or interested in preventing, osteopenia and osteoporosis.

Each week, various health professionals: a pharmacist, social worker and dietician will present and take questions. Each week a nutritious snack will be provided. This is being offered in partnership with Community Connections Outreach Services and One Care along with other various organizations.

To register, call Heidi, Wellness coordinator at 519 236-4373 Ext. 632.


The annual Iceculture Wackabout Golf Tournament returns to the Bayview Golf Club on Friday, Sept. 15 with proceeds going to the Bayfield Area Family Health Team expansion project. The tournament was revived last year after a 15-year break specifically to raise money for the new clinic.

In 2016, 94 golfers participated and early indications are the 2017 event will attract a full house of 144 players. In the past, the four-person, scramble format was popular with all those who participated.

It is an open tournament and anyone interested in taking part can contact organizer, Julian Bayley for further details at 519 857-6654 or by e-mail at


The Fourth Annual “Better Together” Gala for the Huron County Food Bank Distribution Centre (HCFBDC) has been set for Aug. 3 at Libro Hall in Clinton.

Chef Devin Tabor will be serving a three-course dinner and the evening will also feature live and silent auctions with raffle table, entertainment and guest speakers.

Glen Pearson, of the London Food Bank, will be the keynote speaker for the evening.

The doors will open at 5:30 p.m. with dinner following one hour later.

Tickets are $60 each and are available at Guardian Drug Store in Exeter; HCFBDC Board Members; or by calling the office at 519 913-2362.


The Goderich Art Club presents their free Annual Art Show and Sale, Aug. 11-13, at the Mackay Centre in Goderich.

Club members invite everyone to view the many pieces and various types of art done by local artists. Several artists will be on-site to answer questions and discuss their particular style.

The event will run Friday and Saturday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.; and Sunday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Refreshments will be available throughout the show and sale.

The MacKay Centre is location on Nelson Street in Goderich.


The Wednesday afternoon Bridge group would like to invite people to come and join them in some friendly card games at the Bayfield Lions’ Community Building starting at 1 p.m.

Join in the fun with congenial players with snacks at a cost of $1.50 per person.






Volume 8 

There are countless photographs of people in the Bayfield Historical Society’s Archives collection, but sadly their names were never recorded. In this section we will showcase an image with the hopes that one of our subscribers might be able to identify the individual(s) in the photo. Please email your information to the Editor’s attention at the address listed near the bottom of the page in “Submissions” or you can email the archivist directly at or click on the image and make a comment on Flickr. 

Editor's Note: We are now adding the archive's code to the information supplied with the photographs so that if anyone would like to learn more from the Bayfield Archives about certain pictures they can use the code to make the process easier. 

This week, we feature an image recorded to be of Dr. and Mrs. W. F. Metcalf, Jessie and William taken around 1916. Does anyone remember them?

 PB10065 PC Remember Me 421

Make your on any image and it will take you to Flickr.



PB10015 PC Remember Me 416 

In Issue 416, we feature a photo taken around 1920 of Mrs Thomas Bailey, Leslie Frost, and Thomas Bailey. Does anyone remember them? (Archives Code: PB10015 PC)

John Lawlor wrote in to say that the Leslie Frost in the photo would appear to be the 16th Premier of Ontario serving from 1949-61. According to Wikipedia, "due to his lengthy tenure, he gained the nickname, 'Old Man Ontario'".

The Bailey's were the owners of The Ritz Hotel that was destroyed by fire in 1947. (Location of the Virtual High School on Main Street North today.) 


PB10012 PC Remember Me 417 

In Issue 417, as school lets out for summer we feature a picture recorded to be of students from the Bayfield School circa 1920. (Archives Code: PB10012 PC)



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Bayfield town Hall 


_MG_1620Matt Best (left) showed off his lead guitar skills while Sir Ritchie Hummins demonstrated his ease of playing and grooving.  

_MG_1580The Dreamboats specialize in cover music from 1955-65 but also write and perform their own music created in the style of these early decades of Rock N’ Roll.  


Kelsey Johnston (left), a Michael’s Pharmacy employee, organized the sold-out concert as a fundraiser for the Bayfield Town Hall Heritage Society. In turn Sandy Scotchmer, president of the town hall, thanked her with a small gift and bouquet of flowers.

_MG_1619Sir Ritchie Hummins,and Fliggers B. Lewis (right) often danced in unison while playing the hits.

_MG_1653Matt Best, who just turned 25, proved to be a very skilled guitarist even rocking some impressive dance moves despite wearing a walking cast!  

_MG_1651Johnny G. Wiz, drums and vocals, raised the tempo and the temperature in the Bayfield Town Hall.

_MG_1636The Dreamboats, from Mississauga, ON, played to a sold-out crowd in The Bayfield Town Hall on Friday night. It was their first time to the village.

_MG_1629Things got rather steamy in the town hall on the evening of July 23 so for the second half the band performed sans jackets as the audience had suggested during the first set.  

_MG_1648 Fliggers B. Lewis belted out a number during the second half of the show.

_MG_1657The Dreamboats performance included songs by Roy Orbinson, The Beach Boys, Carol Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Elvis and of course The Beatles.  



Those who attended The Dreamboats concert at the Bayfield Town Hall on Friday night were taken back to July 23, 1959 and as the musical energy built in the hall so did the temperature.

Four young talents, whose ages averages out to be about 28, comprise The Dreamboats from Mississauga, ON. In keeping with the era in which they have musically immersed themselves the majority go by stage names: Sir Ritchie Hummins, lead vocals, guitar; Fliggers B. Lewis, lead vocals, bass guitar; Matt Best, lead guitar, vocals; and Johnny G. Wiz, drums and vocals.

The Dreamboats specialize in cover music from 1955-65 but also write and perform their own music created in the style of these early decades of Rock N’ Roll.

On this warm and humid night in Bayfield, The Dreamboats took the stage in costumes suiting the era they portray – black jeans, white dress shirts with black bowties and blue suit jackets. By the time they rolled into their third or fourth song their perfectly coiffed hair was dripping in sweat. When Fliggers produced a beach towel to wipe the perspiration off his face the drummer lamented that he hadn’t thought to bring a towel. A couple songs later a volunteer with the Bayfield Town Hall appeared with t-towels for all the members and thus set the tone for a relaxed and friendly concert with plenty of banter between the musicians and the audience.

At one point audience members suggested that they take off their jackets to be more comfortable to the shock and mock horror of the band. In fact during the second half of the show they took the crowd’s advice and emerged for their “Chippendale” set, jackets removed and long sleeves rolled up and bowties removed or loosened.

These high energy musicians delighted the crowd with great toe tappin’, hand clappin’, sing-a-long tunes touching on many of the eras favorites including Roy Orbinson, The Beach Boys, Carol Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Elvis and of course The Beatles. After every cover of the Fab Four they bowed toward Liverpool. They also shared that one of the highlights of their careers so far was playing at “The Cavern Club” where the Beatles played in their early days.

The Dreamboats, who formed in 2009, went on a 14-show European Tour in May and explained to the audience that they developed a love for the music from watching movies like “Back to the Future” that featured songs from this time.
The audience appeared to certainly be glad that they had giving them a standing ovation at the end of the night to which Sir Ritchie Hummins faked enthusiastically tossing his sweaty t-towel into the crowd.

“Trust me, you really don’t want this,” he smiled.

The Dreamboats concert was held in recognition of the 10th anniversary of Pharmasave Michael’s Pharmacy being open in Bayfield. Kelsey Johnston, a Michael’s Pharmacy employee, organized the sold-out concert as a fundraiser for the Bayfield Town Hall Heritage Society (BTHHS).

In turn Sandy Scotchmer, president of the BTHHS, thanked Johnston with a small gift and bouquet of flowers. She also presented Michael and Nevien Ibrahim, owners of the the pharmacy, with a print of the Bayfield Town Hall by artist Carolyn Hurd, courtesy of JMR Collections on Main Street North in the village.

Michael himself welcomed all to the concert and thanked the village and area residents for embracing the business one decade ago and continuing to do so. He also thanked everyone for joining them in celebrating this special anniversary.

_MG_1582Prior to the concert, Michael Ibrahim, owner of Michael's Pharmacy in Bayfield, welcomed all to the concert and thanked the village and area residents for embracing the business one decade ago and continuing to do so.

_MG_1596Sir Ritchie Hummins shared that the group developed a love for 50s and 60s music watching movies like "Back to the Future" whose soundtracks embraced the era.  



PIXILATED — image of the week

On the last straw

On the last strawBy Vreni Beeler

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Our summers seem to develop themes. Last year was the summer of spaghetti westerns when I experienced the trilogy of Clint Eastwood films for the first time.

This year the Elvis era seems to be a recurring entertainment. We went to see “All Shook Up” and “Million Dollar Quartet” at the Huron Country Playhouse both rousing spectacles of a bygone but not forgotten time. It was especially cute at the end of the “Million Dollar Quartet” when the announcer told everyone “Elvis had left the building”. On the way out the lady seated to my right shared with me that she had - had the good fortune to see “The King” perform live.

We were also lucky enough to score tickets to “The Dreamboats” concert on Friday night at the Bayfield Town Hall. They were brought to the community by Michael’s Pharmacy to celebrate their 10th year in Bayfield. And it was quite a celebration. The four, young lads from Mississauga put on “a really big show!” Again Elvis tunes were a part of it as were others of his musical generation.

It was after watching these three performances that it dawned on me that next month will mark the 40th anniversary of the day Elvis died. I was 10 years old then and I remember that my parents were both moved by his passing. It made me wonder what all the fuss was about and I asked for an Elvis record for Christmas. I was presented with “Elvis’ Golden Hits” in answer to my request and there ended my curiosity until many years later when I got to visit Graceland and all things Elvis in Memphis, TN. That sparked an interest in his movies and we spent yet another theme summer watching those!

While I loved every aspect of both plays at Grand Bend I think the most stirring moment for me came near the end of “Million Dollar Quartet” when Sam Phillips, founder of Sun Records, grew reflective and said, “I just wish these four young musicians, with all their talent and success, could have found some happiness in their lives.” As the actors position themselves around the piano for a photograph the original black and white image of Elvis, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis and Johnny Cash drops down from the ceiling and their was collective sigh from the audience. Sam Phillips was obviously not the only one…

It left me feeling as I did back in 1977 a little sad and a lot curious…perhaps I will add some Elvis themed reading to my summer of “The King". - Melody


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