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The Pioneer Park Fun Run, Walk and Roll is definitely a family friendly event. Cousins (l-r) Erin Bauer, Ben Bauer, Brenden Bauer and Michael Hiff strategized their game plan for a fast result before the race began. To see more coverage from this event, scroll down to our photo story. (Photo by Melody Falconer-Pounder)


society invites all to take a stroll through time

 Bob Merrimen

Anyone who passes by Clan Gregor Square on the afternoon of Aug. 26 may think they have traveled into another era. Temperance Ladies will be causing a stir, all the while pioneer children will be playing period games and pie ladies will sell their apple filled pastries.

A brand new version of “Yesterday’s Bayfield”, a guided heritage stroll through time will be held in the park starting at 2 p.m. with a cast of local “actors”.

Tickets are available now from Dave Gillians by calling 519 565-5884. Only 160 tickets will be sold at $10 each for this entertaining Bayfield Historical Society production. All proceeds for the event will be used to protect and display Bayfield’s most precious historical documents.

 Jerry Selk

Historical Bayfield characters will be stationed at various spots in the park where they will tell their stories, or at least defend their actions. The creator and director of this entirely new production is Judy Keightley. Ticket holders will be surprised and fascinated by what they learn about these historical characters and the events that shaped this community.

The roles of the Temperance Ladies will be performed by Bronwyn Bechard, Carol Thornley Hall, Dawn Cumming, Maureen Saunders and led by Clair Soper.

Bob Merrimen will portray the legendary ‘Tiger’ Dunlop, a true Canadian hero. Amongst his many achievements, he supervised construction of the ‘Huron Road’. He believed so strongly in the potential of this area that he attracted settlers here by telling lies.

 Doug Brown

Jerry Selk is Malcolm Cameron Sr., a powerful early Canadian politician and businessman. He purchased most of the lots in Bayfield during the 1850’s, had the first harbor piers built and then never paid his debts.

Doug Brown will play Admiral Henry Bayfield, Canada’s greatest naval surveyor. Bayfield and his crew surveyed all of the Great Lakes, in all seasons, and when asked to recommend the best potential town site, he said the mouth of the Bayfield River.

Kate Lloyd Rees takes on the role of Baroness Charlotte van Tuyll. For a woman whose social circle included the

Kate Lloyd Rees

most powerful American politicians including
President Martin van Buren and European royalty, the primitive conditions in this area must have been a shock.

Gary Lloyd Rees is cast as Baron Vincent van Tuyll. In 1835, at the age of 24, he inherited a financial mess from his father which included all the lots in the
wilderness that was Bayfield.

 Gary Lloyd Rees


horsin' around encouraged at 156th fall fair

“Horsin’ Around in 2012” is the theme for the 156th Bayfield Fall Fair being held on August 17-19. In keeping with the theme there will be many horse related objects scattered throughout the indoor displays. Plus there are many new and returning activities planned that the Bayfield Agricultural Society (BAS) members and volunteers can’t wait to share with visitors.

More excitement is brewing for Friday night in addition to the ever-popular “Rise 2 Fame” Youth Talent Show. Outside Projects will put on a display of bicycle stunt riding. Plus there will be an obstacle course challenge set up for teams of two to try. Pairs of contestants will have to maneuver through a course with the driver of a golf cart blindfolded and the partner giving all the instructions. This should prove very entertaining!

On Saturday afternoon, the Baby Show will return after its inaugural presentation in 2011. It was well attended with even a set of twins making an appearance. Parents of children under one year old are encouraged to introduce their new family members to the folks at the fair by registering at There will be several prizes for winners drawn randomly.

Lots of entries in the many exhibit categories of the fair always make for a successful weekend. All are invited to participate by entering in everything from floral displays to handicrafts. Children are especially encouraged to enter and they have no fee to pay.

“The community should be looking for things to bring to the fair. It has been dry but one person I’ve spoken to commented that even though her garden completely burned off she would find enough potatoes to enter,” said Doug Yeo, president of the BAS. “Gardeners are encouraged to look for vegetables and flowers to show how they have dealt with this dry season.

“The culinary arts entries continue to increase each year. All those who have a creative touch with quilting or sewing or crafts are also invited to bring items to the fair. Our woodworking section always has room for more finished projects. Farmers are encouraged to bring samples of their crops to educate those not on farms as to what the crops look like right from the field. The artists and photographers always show their eye for detail and welcome more competition.”

Yeo stressed that the Bayfield Fall Fair is a community fair and a great spot to see neighbors and friends. This is particularly apparent during Saturday morning’s fall fair parade when several neighborhoods take the time to enter floats.

“This truly captures the essence of the fair,” said Yeo. “Do join in the “horsin’ around” at this year’s Bayfield Fair.”

New level issued for low water advisory

The Water Response Team (WRT) has issued a Level 2 Low Water Advisory for the entire watershed area of the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority (ABCA). The team made the decision on Aug. 2 to raise the low-water advisory status from Level 1 to Level 2. The team had previously asked for water users to voluntarily reduce their use by 10 per cent but by issuing a Level 2 Advisory, the team is now calling for a 20 per cent voluntary reduction.

The Water Response Team will, as a result, notify all groundwater and surface water Permit to Take Water holders in the Hay Swamp Low Water Management Area of an upcoming meeting to establish an Irrigation Advisory Committee (IAC).

“The intent of the IAC is to have water users develop their own solutions to share water resources during these extremely dry conditions,” said ABCA Lands and Water Technologist, Davin Heinbuck. “The Province of Ontario, in conjunction with the WRT, would require mandatory water use restrictions if a Level 3 Low Water Advisory is declared – an IAC could help cooperatively develop water conservation and water sharing strategies now, before a Level 3 Advisory is needed.”

Rainfall amounts across the watershed were below normal for the month of July and generally ranged between 45 and 65millimetres (about 2–2.5 inches). The exception to this was the area between Bayfield and Clinton where the rainfall total for July at the Varna station was 127.8 mm (5 inches). Localized thunderstorms resulted in 83 mm of rainfall over a period of three hours on July 4 at the Varna stream gauge.

Stream flows throughout the watershed for July were below the Low Water Level 2 indicator of 50 per cent of the lowest average summer monthly flow. The lowest flows were observed in the Lower Ausable River sub-watershed where the Springbank stream gauge measured only 26 per cent of the target flow for the month. Flows during the last half of July at all indicator stations were indicative of worsening conditions.

WRT Chair Mike Tam reminds water users that it is now even more important to continue and increase water conservation efforts, to prevent further reduction in water levels, and to maintain availability through the summer months.

“We are now asking water users to voluntarily reduce the amount of water they use by at least 20 per cent,” he said.

The Level 2 Low Water Advisory condition is necessary, according to Tam, because this part of Ontario is facing the driest conditions in more than a decade and the local rainfall and stream flow data is confirming the seriousness of the situation.

The WRT was formed in 2001 in response to the low water conditions that year and the team has been active ever since. The WRT includes representatives of major water users, such as, aggregate industries, agriculture and vegetable growers, and golf and recreation. It also includes local municipal representatives and staff of provincial departments such as, Natural Resources; Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs; and Ministry of the Environment.

ABCA staff will continue to monitor rainfall and stream flow data and keep the public informed of any changes in watershed conditions. Go to for further resources on the Ontario low water response program. Or visit the ABCA website at and view the dynamic low-water advisory tool which alerts people to low-water advisories in effect in the watershed.

Garden Musings at Marten Arts Gallery

Swarm of butterflies in poppy field email
"Swarm of Butterflies" by Tiffany Horrocks.  

Tiffany Horrocks is the latest artist whose work is currently featured at the Marten Arts Gallery from now until Aug. 23. Her exhibit is entitled, "Garden Musings". 

Just over a decade ago Horrocks first built a career as a sculptor specializing in Raku and mixed media pieces. In mid 2006 however she changed direction.

“I became stifled by the size, weight and color restrictions of ceramics so I began to explore acrylics as a textural and color medium. I began painting professionally in 2007,” she said.

Her work is “painted” using palette knives with thickly applied paints and gels.

“This allows me to explore depth, shadow and texture in my pieces,” said Horrocks, in a press release.

She will give a piece a final touch with brushwork to finish it and then apply a resin overcoat that enhances the high relief and bold colors.

“Often working in very long stretches of time, I approach my pieces primarily emotively; painting spontaneously and from memory; not the precision of a photographic image, but of a memory, of a mood,” she said. “Every painting is unique and will evolve through concept sketching, to the initial strokes, to bolder, thicker application; gathering energy as it goes.”

She went on to explain that some pieces are sketched and painted entirely from start to finish in one sitting with quick, sure movements. Other pieces require more sittings and will require layer upon layer of work until she is satisfied with the composition, image and execution.

Chamber AGM summarizes yearly successes

The Bayfield and Area Chamber of Commerce (BACC) recently held their Annual General Meeting (AGM) at which they updated their membership on the many projects, activities and events they are involved in over the course of the year.

This week a summary of events is shared with the Bayfield Breeze:

Judging from feedback, the 2011 version of Christmas in Bayfield was very successful, highlights being the lighting of the lights and the parade. A big thank you to all of the BACC members and volunteers that spent time putting this together, as well as the members who generously made additional donations to contribute to the success of this event.

The BACC was very pleased to have had funding this year for the Mayor’s Breakfast due to the generosity of OLG. The breakfast was held May 18 at the Bayfield Town Hall with approximately 90 attending. Mayor of Bluewater, Bill Dowson, councilors, BACC members as well as community leaders and our MP Ben Lobb were in attendance. Napier Simpson and Jenna Uijiye spoke on Regional Tourism Office 3 (RTO3 – Waterloo, Perth, and Huron) and the tourism opportunities for Bayfield.

The 2012 Sail and Canvas, held June 16-17, was bigger and better than past years. This was due to the efforts of the committee comprised of: Mary Ann Rowat, Kristyn Watterworth, Judi Milligan, Judy Stephenson, Carol Harrett, Lorraine McDougall and community members Bill Rowat and Dave MacLaren. Many more artists and events were arranged for the weekend than in past years. Gratitude is extended to the members who contributed additional sponsorship for events and advertising, which helped make the 2012 event a great success. Bayfield residents, visitors and BACC members should be acknowledged for their participation in taking this event to a new level.


pioneer park

Pioneer Park is going to be a very active place over the remaining weeks of summer with some family fun in the works.

For two Saturdays in August as dusk settles over this lakeside park a film will be shown under the stars. Families are encouraged to bring lawn chairs and blankets to cuddle up and watch Cheaper by the Dozen, Aug. 11; and UP, Aug. 25.

Please also be advised that the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Pioneer Park Association will be held at 10 a.m. on Aug. 11 in the park. The executive appreciates any members who can be in attendance.


The Bayfield Antique Show and Sale is now 27 years young!

In 1985, the event was first organized as the Bayfield Antique Fair and Sale. It was, and remains, a fundraiser for Trinity Anglican Church in Bayfield.

In 2012, the show will be held at the Bayfield Arena, Aug. 10-12.

Organizers note that the dealers love the show and bring beautiful antiques and collectibles, big and small, to suit every taste and pocketbook. The arena will be filled with an impressive array of quality antiques and collectibles including: Canadiana furniture, books, porcelain, ironstone, silver, estate and costume jewelry and antique toys.

The Gala Evening Opening Celebration is set for Friday from 7-9 p.m. This evening includes refreshments as well as entertainment. Guests can meet the vendors, chat, browse, and buy a unique item for their collection. Tickets are $10 in advance until Aug. 9 at 5 p.m. and $12 at the door.

The show will then run Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. During these times the church runs a café offering sandwiches, tea, coffee and delicious homemade sweets – so visitors never have to worry about going hungry while shopping. Admission for Saturday and Sunday is $5 per person.

Organizers of the Bayfield Antique Fair need assistance in making this year’s show a success. Several strong, young or able-bodied people are needed to help off load the dealers' vehicles for their booth set up on the morning of Aug. 10.

Young people, or those with a strong set of legs, are needed to act as runners behind the scenes at the show’s café. Help is needed for both Saturday and Sunday morning and afternoons and shifts could be organized.

Youth helpers would qualify for community service hours for school. For more information or to volunteer contact Joan Cluff at 519 565-2974.


Newfoundland inspired art is coming to the Bayfield Town Hall. On Aug. 19th, Port Albert artist, Kaaren Batten will show her 20-piece collection of Hand Hooked Rugs that depicts the life of a Newfoundlander named “Emily”.

"Emily" is a published lyrical story written in verse and song by Newfoundland resident Denise Batten. It tells the story of Emily, Denise’s maternal grandmother, who was born in coastal Newfoundland in 1900. The book uses photos of Kaaren’s rugs to illustrate the story.

The 20 hand hooked rugs are made from recycled wool garments. Color and texture provide dimension and a painterly touch. Adding to the story, wool from old fisherman's pants from Nova Scotia, clothing from family members and friends was used. This medium was appropriate to depict Emily as most women of the time hooking rugs for utilitarian reasons, keeping winter drafts away from doors and floors. These “stories from the floor” reveal the important role of family members, including children, sharing secrets and stories along the shoreline of coastal towns.

The collection was first shown in St John’s, NL in June at the book launch. The complete rug collection and the book will be on public display at a reception in Bayfield on Aug. 19 at the historic Bayfield Town Hall from 2-4 p.m.

Denise and Kaaren have been invited to attend and display both the book and rugs at “Word on the Street” in Halifax in September. In addition, they will be featured on CTV A.M. along with a display of the rugs. Creative Book Publishing, of St John’s, NL, is the book’s publisher.


Taste of Huron is back in 2012 and this year, the festival is being organized a little bit differently. In fact people will be able to “taste” Huron all summer long instead of just during the usual more concentrated week or two of past years.

Food for Thought dinners will be held throughout the summer and into the fall – happening at different county location every two weeks. Diners will enjoy presentations and lively discussions on various food-related topics. Special menus will be presented to compliment these specific topics.

Participating restaurants include: Hessenland Country Inn of St. Joseph, Aug. 14, “It’s the Schnitz!”; The Little Inn, Aug. 20, “Sushi Night in Bayfield”; Eddington’s of Exeter, Sept. 11, “Find Your Fit – Learn to Live a Balanced Lifestyle”; The Black Dog Village Pub and Bistro, Oct. 9, “Little Italy comes to Bayfield!”

The cost will be $40 per person not including beverages, tax or gratuity. The evenings begin at 7 p.m. Please call the individual restaurants to make reservations.

To learn more about all of the Taste of Huron events visit their website at

historical society

Whether people are just visiting or have taken up residence in the village all can appreciate the town’s history better after taken a Historic Walking Tour with a knowledgeable guide

From now until the end of August, on Saturdays at 1p.m. members of the Bayfield Historical Society lead informative and leisurely walking tours through the village's heritage district.

Participants will learn about the history of the area, the ghosts, the fires and the fascinating characters who helped shape this village.

There is a $10 fee per person for the walking tour. This money is used to support The Bayfield Archives. Walks can also be arranged by appointment, by calling 519 440-6206.

music at the barn 

Music lovers will have to wait until the end of the month for the next in the series of shows in the “Music at the Barn” Concert Series but there are still two left.

Graham Nicholas, Alanna Gurr and Lowlands are scheduled for Aug. 26; Josh Geddis and Jenny Omnichord will bring the summer series to an end on Sept. 16.

Tickets are $14 in advance and $16 at the door. People are encouraged to bring lawn chairs and blankets, as there is limited seating.

For more information or tickets contact Danielle Durand at 519 993-3154. Or visit the following Facebook page: Tickets can also be purchased at


Pickle Ball is the fastest growing sport for seniors and is gaining in popularity here in Bayfield. It can be described as a combination of badminton, tennis and ping-pong.

Ann and Rick LeBeau, of Bayfield, are pickle ball enthusiasts and would like to teach Pickle Ball to beginners. They have been playing the sport themselves for many years and will be playing in the Summer Games in London, ON. "Learn to Play" Pickle Ball is set for Aug.13 at the Stanley Complex in Varna at 7 p.m. As of Aug. 30, Pickle Ball will move to Thursdays, same time, same place. There is no experience necessary and the cost is $3 per evening. For more information call 519 440-2120.

One Care sponsored Pole Walking is a popular fitness opportunity in Bayfield. Anyone wishing an introductory lesson or other info should call 519 565-2202 or 519 565-5638. There is no charge for this and poles can be provided.

Sundays, Co-ed Pole Walking, at 9 a.m. continues for August, in addition to the usual walks for women that are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays and walks for men Mondays and Fridays. The start time is 8:30 a.m. Virtual Pole Walking is the newest activity being offered. People are welcome to join the Pole Walking group on Tuesday and Thursday morning at 8:30 a .m. and don't need to use poles. Those who attend will be broken up into several groups so everyone can walk at a pace they enjoy. After walking, 10 minutes of stretches are conducted in beautiful Clan Gregor Square.

Pole Walkers might like to mark Sept. 16 on their calendars as they might like to join in the Terry Fox Run.

Coming soon is Wednesday Wheels where folks can enjoy a 20 KM casual bike ride.

All walks and cycling will begin from 6 Main Street.

One Care continues to sponsor several programs for both men and women to keep up with their desire to stay fit.

Dancefit and Toning classes are held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 a.m. The classes are held at the Bayfield Community Centre. The cost is $4 per class.

The Sit and Get Fit classes are offered on Mondays and Wednesdays at 10:15 a.m. On Fridays a Gentle Stretch Class is offered at 10:15 a.m. Both of these fitness opportunities are held at the Bayfield Community Centre and cost $2 per class.

Please note that there will be no fitness classes on Aug. 17 and on Aug. 20 Dancefit and Toning and Sit and Get Fit will move to the Bayfield Town Hall for one day only.

A Gentle Yoga Class is held at the Bayfield Town Hall starting at 10 a.m. on Tuesdays. The cost is $4 per class and participants are asked to bring a yoga mat.

Summer Outdoor Yoga, sponsored by the Pioneer Park Association, is held on Thursdays in Pioneer Park at 8:30 a.m. The sessions are free of charge and open to people 13 years of age and up. An adult must accompany any minors that attend. There is a limit of 20 people per class and it is proving to be very popular so it is best to arrive early. In fact, all participants are asked to arrive 10 minutes early for every class to register and sign a waiver.

For more information on the above exercise opportunities call 519 565-2202 or 519 565-5638






There are countless photographs of people in the Bayfield Historical Society’s Archives collection, but sadly their names were never recorded. In this section we will showcase an image with the hopes that one of our subscribers might be able to identify the individual(s) in the photo. Please email your information to the Editor’s attention at the address listed near the bottom of the page in “Submissions” or you can email the archivist directly at or click on the image and make a comment on Flickr. You can view the entire Collection of Remember Me Photos: Volume 2 on Flickr as well.

This week, the crowds were thick along a tree-lined Main Street during the Bayfield Fall Fair Parade in 1973.

Remember Me 162

Make your on any image and it will take you to Flickr.



Remember Me 160

In Issue 160, summer fun has always meant family reunions as evidenced from this picture taken at the Ford Picnic in 1925. Participants are shown dressed up for a Calithumpian Parade.


Remember Me 161

In Issue 161, as the calendar turns to August the countdown to the 156th Bayfield Fall Fair has begun. This image was taken at the fair in 1973 and shows some of the cars that were on display.




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Olympic spirit captured at fun run, walk and roll

Some participants in the Pioneer Park Fun Run, Walk and Roll had the Olympics on their mind! Showing their spirit were l-r: Abigail and Penny Welch, both from Waterloo; and Beth Duffy, whose family has a cottage in Bayfield.

Soaking up some sunshine while waiting for the race to begin was Mia Morham Gane, visiting from London, England; and Claire Morham, visiting from Winnipeg, MB.

A large number of cyclists of all ages and skill levels took part in the event.

The weather conditions were perfect for the 5 KM run.

Tandem bikes were a very popular sight at this year's Pioneer Park Fun Run, Walk and Roll.

Bayfield Terrace was a very busy street on Monday morning as the last leg of the 5 KM route.

Owen and Liam Brent, rode in style and hammed it up for the crowd, as their parents provided the foot power.

This youngster found an inventive way to roll.


Monday, Aug. 6th, marked the 26th year for the Annual 5 KM Pioneer Park Fun Run, Walk and Roll. Many race participants were inspired by the Olympic Games currently being held in London, England donning Team Canada colors, decorating with Olympic rings and wearing home made gold medals.

The weather was perfect for this summer morning event, sunshine and a comfortable breeze kept the humidity at bay.

Those who took part could do so by running, walking, biking, or blading. Individuals are often quite creative with the wheels they choose to use. Leashed dogs were welcome to join in the fun.

Prizes were awarded in each category in four different age groups, plus prizes were also awarded to those who demonstrated a special effort. Various local merchants, personal businesses and other individual sponsors generously donated prizes.

There is one sure winner each year and that is Pioneer Park for the funds raised from the event go to maintain this fabulous lakeside green space.

IMG_0006 Gillian and Irene Frezell, of Kitchener, shared a laugh prior to the start of the cycling event.


Larry Dalton, official starter, and Ann Laudenbach, event organizer, waited for a car to clear the route prior to releasing the cyclists.


Doris Ball was resplendent in Team Canada colors in honor of the Olympic Games currently being held in London, England.


Paul Hiff was the sole long boarder in this year's event.


Cycling proved to be the most popular method of transport for the 2012 Pioneer Park Fun Run, Walk and Roll.


Sean Dupuis showed strong form as he neared the end of the race.


Chris Dulhanty was the first runner to cross the finish line at the Pioneer Park Fun Run, Walk and Roll.


Tara and Kelly Vader were in step as they approached the end of the race.




PIXILATED — image of the week


A face in the wreck...By Tom Slama

Email your photo in Jpeg format to with the subject line Subscriber Photo of the Week. or...Upload your photo to Flickr.

I am looking for the Bayfield that is a delight to the eye – please share photos with a touch of whimsy, beauty, humor or a sense of fun. If you are to include people in your photos be sure to have their permission to publish their picture on-line and also send in their names and where they are from. Any images that include minors should have the parent's permission for publication prior to submission. And don’t forget to tell me who took the photo for proper credit to be issued







Melody Falconer-Pounder


Sunday marked the fourth year my husband and I have hosted the Richmond Clan Gathering and while we are spread out around the globe those within driving distance all managed to descend on Bayfield for the event.

This year the party was held to coincide with my Mother’s 75th birthday. Unfortunately, we can’t control when we’re born (Victoria Day weekend for me!) and, although the heart of the Civic Holiday Weekend may not be the best time for those in the tourist industry to plan a family function (I was an off season bride), we pulled it off with great a plum, I think anyway!

The event turned into not only the celebration of a milestone birthday but an impromptu wedding dinner as well, when the youngest of my first cousins announced he and his lady had wed in an intimate private ceremony just three weeks before. Congratulations Trent and Laura!

And then not to be outdone, my 14 month old grandson, who upon just meeting many of these folks, decided he would put on a little show and share a milestone of his own by standing unaided for the first time. And to further show how sturdy he is he gave himself a round of applause.

Moments shared with family in the summertime there really is little better, even, no, especially, on a long weekend. - Melody


Ideas and contributions to the Bayfield Breeze are always welcome.
Deadlines for submissions are Sundays at 4 p.m.

Please email me at or call 519-565-2443.
Hope to see you online soon at 


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