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meaghan smith to bring holiday show to Bayfield

Juno Award Winner Meaghan Smith will perform her Holiday Show at the Bayfield Town Hall on Dec. 6 as part of the Bayfield Concert Series. (Photo courtesy Getty Images)


When Meaghan Smith first visited this village it was Summer 2011. She had just flown in, so enjoyed a nice nap at her hotel and then took a stroll down Main Street with her husband, Jason, popping into some of the shops before she reached her destination, the Bayfield Town Hall…the place where she would be performing.

“In my short time there I discovered Bayfield would be a place that would be good for my soul,” she said in a recent telephone interview from her home near Halifax, N.S. “My record label really wants me to move to Toronto but I’d rather move to a place like Bayfield.”

Smith grew up in London, ON with a piano-teaching mother, musically talented father and three sisters all of whom inherited the musical gene although she is the only one of her siblings pursuing a career in the medium.

“I enjoy rural Ontario. When we traveled as a family we always drove on the back roads because my Dad didn’t like highways. I know Bayfield was a place where my parents went on date nights without us kids,” she said. “Today I live in a village outside of Halifax so it is a little more rural with walking trails and streams nearby. When I’m on the road touring it can be crazy busy so I like my off touring time to be the total opposite.”

With an appreciation for the small town life Smith noted she is looking forward to returning to the Bayfield Town Hall for a second concert on Dec. 6 as part of the Bayfield Concert Series.

“I had such a fun time last visit,” said Smith. “It was such a beautiful place.”

Smith will no doubt notice the transformation the village undergoes from summer to winter. If the snow stays on the ground illuminated by twinkling lights, red bows and greenery, a walk up Main Street to the town hall will definitely get her in the mood for her concert dubbed the “Holiday Show”.

The singer is a self proclaimed “Christmasoholic” so it was natural for her to create a compilation of holiday music following her first album “The Crickets Orchestra” and the acceptance of the 2011 Juno Award for Best New Artist. Entitled, “It Snowed” it isn’t actually her first Christmas recording project.

In fact that happened in 2008 when she collaborated with two of her great singer-songwriter friends, Jill Barber and Rose Cousins to create, “A New Kind Of Light”.

“One-hundred per cent of the proceeds of record sales and show revenues went to the local food banks (in Halifax area) we were very happy to be able to donate a $1,000,000 in food,” said Smith.

“A New Kind of Light” sold out in weeks of its first release four years ago but has just been re-released and again proceeds from the sale of the record will go to the food banks. Anyone wishing to learn more should visit

Smith noted that the Bayfield show will feature several songs from It Snowed, as well as a couple from The Crickets Orchestra and three or four new songs that she hasn't performed for anyone, anywhere.

“And who knows I might put together another Christmas one,” said Smith. “I love old medieval sounding carols – ones with hauntingly beautiful arrangements. I wanted It Snowed to be more light hearted, one that you could listen to while you’re decorating the tree.”

Smith lists “In the Bleak Midwinter” and “Silent Night” to be two of her favorite Christmas carols.

“I don’t like Jingle Bells and I really disliked The Little Drummer Boy, which is unfortunate because I like the message of that song, it resonated with me,” she said.

In fact the message in that song was so powerful for Smith that it compelled her to rearrange it.

“I didn’t like the repetitiveness of the ‘pa-rum-pum-pum-pum’ so I changed it up and now it is one of my favorites to sing and the feedback I have received from people has been very positive,” she said.

So the Smith version of “The Little Drummer Boy” may be one song that concert- goers hear during the Dec. 6 concert.

“It is going to be a real mish-mash of all sorts of songs. Several from It Snowed, as well as a couple from The Crickets Orchestra and three or four new songs that I haven’t performed for anyone, anywhere,” she said. “It is always exciting for me to perform fresh new material but I’m nervous too.”

These days Smith has learned to better control the nerves although in the early days of performing in front of an audience she suffered from severe stage fright.

“Song writing is very introverted you are sharing humiliating experiences and exposing yourself within the words while performing these same songs on a stage in front of an audience is very extroverted,” she explained. “I came to realize that stage fright is just energy and that I have to control where my thoughts are. It has been really challenging, the line between fear and excitement is thin for me.”

Fear of the stage sent Smith in a different direction initially as she studied animation and then worked in that field for a while but it wasn’t her main passion. The turning point for her came when she was invited to perform at a concert for Tsunami Relief and she found herself on stage in front of 8,000 people.

“It was the first time I had performed on a legitimate stage with a big audience, up until then I had done coffee houses and open mics. It was so amazing. It was like I was in this really deep part of the ocean and the audience was this ocean creature moving around, yet we were totally communicating, how I directed my voice would dictate how they responded. The more they cheered and screamed the more energy I gave back to them. It really gave me confidence. It was a magical moment. I got off stage thinking I’m terrified of this but I have to do it again.”

Although making music is a passion, making art is a strong second, it is evident in some of her music videos as well as on her website. Time no longer allows her to animate but she has many talented friends she has enlisted to help enhance her projects.

With art and music Smith has the opportunity to keep both her introverted and extroverted self, happy.

“I create tiny oil paintings – 3X5 inches in size – and then I go out and scour antique shops for really neat frames. The works are super colorful have quirky titles and all tell a story. When they are done I post them on my blog for sale. In September I managed to make 40 paintings and I thought I’d have some around for a while but they’re all gone. I have some very devote buyers who are collecting them. In the last couple years I’ve sold about 270 paintings.”

Smith looks to her passions for balance.

“Music and art is the half of my brain I am in touch with. When I get sick of painting I do music when I get sick of music I do painting. Creating art is a very introverted thing while music is very extroverted. I need both I can’t be one or the other all the time.”

She recently returned home from London, England where she is working on a new album of material with music producer, Ash Howes, whose clients have included, U2, One Direction and Susan Boyle.

“I chose him for his eclectic abilities and his pop sensibilities. We finished four tracks for the next record and I was shocked at how different it is from my first album. Where it was mostly a vintage vibe with hints of modern sounds, this is mostly modern sounding with vintage hints. My main goal is to always keep surprising myself and I’ve sure done that,” she said.

The Bayfield Concert Series is brought to the village by Meades Bros. Productions. Smith will perform at The Bayfield Town Hall on Dec. 6 and some tickets are still available for $30. The show begins at 8:30 p.m. with doors to the town hall opening at 8 p.m. Tickets are available now from They can also be purchased in Bayfield at The Black Dog Pub and Bistro or Luxe Clothing Co. Om Yoga Studio in Grand Bend is the show’s sponsor.


A great learning experience for everyone at all levels of photographic expertise awaits those who attend the next meeting of the Photography Club of Bayfield (PCoB) on Dec. 6.

“We will have a special guest presenter, Deb Hall, from Woodstock, who will provide us with a critical foundational skill which will benefit the whole club. She will be teaching us, in a hands-on workshop, what to look for in a good photo and how to critique other people’s photos (and by extension even our own) in a critical yet respectful way,” said Jack Pal, PCoB founding member. “This important skill will encourage us to comment more effectively on others’ photos at our meetings and elsewhere, learn from comments made on our own photos and, as a result, improve our overall photographic skills by subconsciously reminding us how to compose our next photo before we push the shutter.”

The presenter is a member of the London Camera Club and is active in the Woodstock Camera Club as the Competition Chair. She is a CAPA (Canadian Association of Photographic Arts) trained judge.

Hall has over 35 years experience, until 2004 she preferred to shoot medium-format film but then made the switch to digital. She, and her husband, Bill, have been taking portrait and wedding photographs since 1983 and although they enjoyed portrait photography, travel photography has always been their main love. Hall has produced several film based audio-visual presentations and now produces audio-visual shows in a digital-format.

Club members are reminded to submit photographs to the PCoB Flickr Group Pool and Discussion Thread in time for the Dec. 6 meeting. This month’s challenge is “Round and Red” within a Christmas theme.

Over 450 people receive flu shots at municipal clinics 

The Bluewater Area Family Health Team (BAFHT) hosted three Flu Clinic within the municipality this fall. Two hundred vaccines were given at the clinic held at Trinity Anglican Church in Bayfield. In Dashwood, 79 people received the vaccine and 180 people were inoculated at the community clinic in Zurich.

Ann Brabender, administrative lead for the BAFHT, said, “I would like to thank Nancy Scotchmer, Rev. Wayne Malott and the Trinity Anglican Church congregation for hosting this year’s Flu Clinic in Bayfield. “To all the volunteers who assisted to make the clinic run smoothly a special thanks.”

Brabender would like to remind everyone, “It’s still not too late to get your vaccine. See your physician, pharmacist or contact the public health unit for a location near you and get your free vaccine.”

Splash Pad website offers Access to stone order form 

The Bayfield Optimist Club’s “Making a Splash” Campaign is now ongoing in the community.

Club members and “Friends of Optimists” will be going door-to-door to talk to people about the Splash Pad project and provide them with a letter explaining how they can contribute. The Municipality of Bluewater will provide tax receipts for donations over $25.

This letter will offer details on how people can purchase an engraved brick or park bench to aid in the fundraising.

Canvassers will be wearing “name tags” identifying themselves as being part of the campaign.

People who wish to purchase a brick or a bench but don’t live in the village can now access the order form online through the recently launched website: www. A PDF of the same form being distributed door-to-door is available on the site, just fill it out, print it off and mail it in.

Brick walkways similar in design to the existing Bayfield Town Hall and the Clan Gregor Square walkways will be installed around the Splash Pad giving the project a timeless and cohesive look.

If all goes according to plan, the club hopes to have the sprinklers spraying in the park by Canada Day 2013.


letters to santa

Bayfield residents will know that Santa Claus always had a special mailbox at the Bayfield Post Office Box Building on Main Street to collect his letters in. With the building now gone and the new library being constructed on its site local folks may be wondering how will Santa get his mail?

Well, not too worry his elves have a contingency plan. His special mailbox has moved to the Bayfield Convenience Store (also home to the local post office) and letters may be dropped there.


Since 2008 the Bayfield River Valley Trail Association (BRVTA) membership has been creating and maintaining area trails for the betterment of the community.

Members and friends who support this work are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting of the BRVTA at the Bayfield Town Hall on Dec. 1 at 9 a.m.


Christmas is coming and the members of St. Andrew’s United Church are preparing for it with several traditional church events and all in the community are welcome to join in.

On Dec. 1 everyone is invited to help with the “Hanging of the Greens” starting at 4:30 p.m. followed by a pot-luck supper at 6 p.m. In addition, Ivan and Betty Lou Norris will lead those who attend in a sing-a-long of Christmas Carols and a social time.

The very next day, Dec. 2 will mark White Gift Sunday. Financial gifts and gifts of new clothes or toys will be donated to the Huron County Christmas Bureau. Gifts should be unwrapped or wrapped in white tissue or a white plastic bag.

A highlight of the Christmas season for the church will be held on Dec. 9 at 7:30 p.m. The St. Andrews Choir and Friends will present the Christmas Candlelight Cantata Service entitled, “The Wonderous Story”. Flutist, Jan Searle will be a special guest.


The Bayfield Agricultural Society (BAS) has had a most successful wreath campaign with only a limited number remaining. Anyone who wished to but has yet to purchase either an evergreen wreath or tails should do so now to avoid disappointment.

According to BAS President, Doug Yeo, “The group greatly appreciates the support from the community and enjoys seeing the wreaths throughout the area especially decorating the storefronts in Bayfield and Goderich.”

To purchase a remaining wreath please call 519 263-2406 or 519 482-9296.


A sure sign that Christmas is just around the corner is the ever-popular Bayfield Lions’ Club’s Turkey Bingo to be held at the Bayfield Arena on Dec. 3.

This year sixteen turkeys will be available to be won along with draws and door prizes. There will also be several share-the-wealth games played as well. The doors will open at 6 p.m. and the Bingo calling begins at 7 p.m.


The Bayfield Ratepayers Association (BRA) exists to: represent the interests of permanent and summer residents; maintain the desirable residential features of the village; keep members informed of matters that affect them as ratepayers/tenants; and to foster projects in the interest of the municipality as a whole.

The BRA will hold their next Board Meeting on Dec. 1 at 9 a.m. in the Bayfield Lions’ Community Building. All are welcome to attend.

Ainslie Willock, chair of the BRA reports that one forward thinking Bayfield Ratepayers Association member recently bought memberships for her adult children as Christmas gifts.

“What a great idea!” said Willock. “Two year memberships cost $20 and five years is $40.”

Anyone who wishes to purchase a membership is asked to send along a self-addressed stamped envelope and the BRA will send a receipt and membership cards. The address is: Bayfield Ratepayers Association, Box 508, Bayfield ON N0M 1G0. For more information call Willock at 519-565-2469 or email:

Optimist Club

A delightful chest filled to overflowing with toys for boys and girls of all ages may sound like a holiday dream but for one lucky person it will be reality come Dec. 9.

The Bayfield Optimist Club is once again holding a raffle on a handcrafted and hand painted wooden toy chest filled with Christmas wishes. The chest replete with toys was unveiled at the Homes for the Holiday Tour and on display in the village during Christmas in Bayfield weekend festivities. Tickets are available now from Optimist members and at the Bayfield Village Inn.

Toy chest tickets are $5 each or three for $10. The draw on the chest will be made at Breakfast with Santa to be held at the Bayfield Village Inn on Dec. 9 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

town hall 

On Nov. 30 the Bayfield Town Hall will welcome back the London Citadel Salvation Army Band for their seventeenth annual Christmas Concert. Their appearance on the town hall stage is a holiday tradition for many and should not be missed. In case of inclement weather the concert will be held on Dec. 7.

The London Citadel Band got its start in 1883. By the early 1900s the band was in demand and performed in such cities as Windsor and Detroit. In the last 129 years the groups’ horizons have broadened considerably and they have traveled to England twice as well as the west coast of Canada and parts of the USA.

Bandmaster John Lam, a native of Owen Sound, joined the band in 1985. Ten years later he became Bandmaster and that year he brought the band to the town hall. Since then they have returned annually except for one year when they were “snowed out”.

Show time is 8 p.m. and tickets are selling for $10 per person. For tickets call Charles Kalbfleisch at 519 565-2244 or Patricia McDougall at 519 565-2572 or online at

All proceeds from the concert will go to The Bayfield Town Hall Heritage Society for the maintenance of the hall.

film society

The final film of the Bayfield Film Society Fall Series will be shown on Dec. 13 and is titled, “Beasts of the Southern Wild”.

The film review describes it as a form of poetry, attached to images real and magical. The main character is a six year-old girl named Hushpuppy (played by Quvenzhané Wallis). It is said she exudes pure soulfulness in her role of bayou defender Hushpuppy. Her homespun mysticism suits The Bathtub, the southern Louisiana bayou backwater where she lives with her father, Wink (Dwight Henry), and an assortment of rowdy neighbors. They all live on the untamed side of “the wall that cuts us off,” which is how Hushpuppy describes the levee that separates The Bathtub from the big city beyond.

The big, bad world intrudes not long after Mother Nature does, forcing unhappy choices for the people of The Bathtub and some fast growing-up for Hushpuppy. For all of its mystical elements, Beasts of the Southern Wild is a coming-of-age story, anchored by one of the most affecting young performers in recent memory.

The films start at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are available at the door for $10. Seating is limited. Tickets can be ordered from Jane Rowat by e-mail: or by calling 519 565-5838.

fitness fun

One Care continues to sponsor several programs for both men and women to keep up with their desire to stay fit. Total Body Fit co-ed classes are held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 a.m. The classes are held at the Bayfield Community Centre. The cost is $4 per class. Please note these classes will go on hiatus for Christmas on Dec. 19. For more information  call 519 565-2202 or 519 565-5638

For those people looking to exercise their minds, Mah Jongg is played on the first and third Thursday of each month at the Bayfield Lions’ Community Building starting at 1 p.m. All are welcome to attend. For more information contact Gayle at 519 565-2468. On Dec. 6, a luncheon for the group will be held at 12:30 p.m.

In Memoriam

The community will be saddened to learn of the recent death of Helen Hopper. She died peacefully at the Alexandra Marine General Hospital in Goderich on Nov.19. She was 88. Her husband Harold Hopper predeceased her in 1991. The sympathy of the community is sent to her children Mary Lou and Ken Warne, of Guelph and Nancy and Dave Long, of London, as well as her four grandchildren and five great grandchildren.

A celebration of her life will take place on Dec. 1 at 1 p.m. from the McCallum & Palla Funeral Home, 11 Cambria Road, Goderich. In lieu of flowers donations may be made in her memory to a charity of your choice. Interment Maitland Cemetery.






There are countless photographs of people in the Bayfield Historical Society’s Archives collection, but sadly their names were never recorded. In this section we will showcase an image with the hopes that one of our subscribers might be able to identify the individual(s) in the photo. Please email your information to the Editor’s attention at the address listed near the bottom of the page in “Submissions” or you can email the archivist directly at or click on the image and make a comment on Flickr. You can view the entire Collection of Remember Me Photos: Volume 2 on Flickr as well.

This week, an image taken at a farewell party for Rev. Beck Harrison in the Parish Hall of Trinity Anglican Church in 1971. Does anyone remember these four singing gentlemen?

Remember Me 178

Make your on any image and it will take you to Flickr.



Remember 176

In Issue 176, Jackie Thompson recognized the lads in this photo to be her cousins, Bobbie and Billie Parker. The image was taken in the 1940s. A notation included with the photo mentions that the cannon in the picture was moved to Clan Gregor Square from Signal Point but was donated for scrap during World War II.


Remember Me 177

In Issue 177, a photo from the 1930s of the Trinity Anglican Church class was featured and the individuals in it identified by Elaine Dinel. They are BR: Joan McLeod, Donna Sturgeon and Jack Parker. FR: Bev Heard, Margaret Howard, Mary Mack, Helen McLeod and Nan Howard.




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St. andrew's united church

Sanctuary filled with song during Klusmeier's workshop and concert

Church musician and composer, Ron Klusmeier’s “Canada Wide Tour of a Lifetime” came to Bayfield’s St. Andrew’s United Church on Nov. 25. He offered a free workshop "for anyone who has an interest in music in the context of worship" at the church in the afternoon.

Betty Glossop, of London (far left), Ann-Louise McAlister and Jean Dunn, both of Bayfield, took part in the workshop held on Sunday afternoon.

Those present at the workshop noted Klusmeier fell in love with St Andrew's Baby Grand Piano and couldn't say enough good things about it.


Close to 30 individuals took part in the afternoon workshop with participants then joining in the evening show as part of the “pick up” choir.

Lonnie Moddle, choir director for the tour, spoke to the workshop participants while Ron Klusmeier prepared to play. The pair led the music team at Knox United Church in Parksville, B.C. for many years.

Many at the workshop formed the "pick up" choir at the evening's concert. There were members from the area church choirs from Varna, Brucefield, Kippen, and North Street in Goderich as well as members of The Glee Sisters Choir - 33 singers in total. And after a quick practice of 45 minutes together they performed 19 songs for the concert led by Lonnie Moddle with Ron Klusmeier on the piano.


According to his website, of his final cross country tour Klusmeier noted he was looking forward to one last visit to every United Church presbytery but he also wanted to emphasize the ecumenical focus of this tour. A key reason for choosing Canadian Foodgrains Bank as a partner was that it is owned by 15 Canadian church denominations and agencies all working together to alleviate global hunger.

Church musician and composer, Ron Klusmeier’s “Canada Wide Tour of a Lifetime” came to Bayfield’s St. Andrew’s United Church on Nov. 25.

After 40 years of traveling across the country offering concerts, workshops and worship leading Klusmeier is retiring at the end of this 200-community tour that will wrap up in June of 2013.

“Bayfield was his last concert on his tour before taking a break for over Christmas and we were so lucky to be included in his tour...what an honor to have him come to Bayfield,” said Kathleen Siertsema, of St. Andrew’s United Church. “He will be starting out again Jan. 12 mostly in B.C. and then he will be back to Ontario and East to finish the tour.”

The concert was held in partnership with the Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFB) and The United Church Observer and 25 per cent of sales were donated directly to the CFB.

During the day, the composer himself led a free workshop, entitled, “The Music of Ron Klusmeier." Close to 30 individuals took part in the afternoon workshop with participants then joining in the evening show as part of the “pick up” choir.

“He fell in love with our Baby Grand Piano and couldn't say enough good things about it and he wanted to know all the details about it,” said Siertsema.

This solidified for Siertsema just how lucky the congregation is to have this piano and how fortunate they are to have purchased it locally at Pianovations in Blyth.

A second workshop was also offered on the subject of “Projection and Technology” with Christina Bogucki. Those who took part “learned how to effectively use projection and other technology tools in the context of worship”.

According to the website, the workshop contained three components; new hymns, songs and anthems composed between 2007 and 2012, an introduction to Klusmeier's 40 year anthology of music and how to make your own musical arrangements using the resources found on the Musiklus website.


Lonnie Moddle, choir director for the tour, led the workshop participants in several songs.


Workshop participants included, Ross Lehman, John MacDonald, David Townsend, John Siertsema and Bill Dundass.




PIXILATED — image of the week

BCH takes Hanover Tournament...By Dennis Pal.

Email your photo in Jpeg format to with the subject line Subscriber Photo of the Week. or...Upload your photo to Flickr.

I am looking for the Bayfield that is a delight to the eye – please share photos with a touch of whimsy, beauty, humor or a sense of fun. If you are to include people in your photos be sure to have their permission to publish their picture on-line and also send in their names and where they are from. And don’t forget to tell me who took the photo for proper credit to be issued







Melody Falconer-Pounder


A lot of things happen in Bayfield and I do my best to be as timely as possible with the news but sometimes items come in after the last “I” has been dotted and the last “T” crossed. Such was the case for an event to be held at the Bayfield Town Hall next Wednesday evening, Dec. 5, so I thought I’d share it with you here in my wee space at the bottom.

Back in September a very successful inaugural TEDx event was held in the village at the Bayfield Town Hall with five fabulous guest speakers. These presentations were taped and will be uploaded onto the TED website for others to share and learn from soon. But before they are, and in case you missed the live chats or just want to take them in again, an official preview of the five TEDx Bayfield videos will be held at the Bayfield Town Hall on Dec. 5 starting at 7 p.m.

Admission will be free but donations would be appreciated with all contributions going to the Bayfield Town Hall fund.

And in other news I would like to thank, on behalf of my fellow Bayfield Optimist Club members, all those folks who diligently voted everyday for the Splash Pad project in the Aviva Community Fund Competition – we made it as far as 25th in the final round of voting out of well over 550 projects. Not a bad effort in a community of our diminutive population. We didn’t make it to the money round, needed to be top 10 for that, but we did raise the profile of the project and that is worth its weight in gold. - Melody

Ideas and contributions to the Bayfield Breeze are always welcome.
Deadlines for submissions are Sundays at 4 p.m.

                              Please email me at or call 519-565-2443.
Hope to see you online soon at 


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